The Abilities system in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is somewhat different to that of its predecessor; instead of having various unlockable unique melee attacks, the game features an Upgrades tab in Isaac's Shop where the player can both purchase new weapons and upgrade them to increase their combat ability and versatility. The only ability retained from the first game is the Ground Bounce, but is referred to as the "Butt Stomp" in this iteration.

Unlike Abilities, these upgrades do not need to be unlocked by finding Ability Tokens, and are instead available from the start, only needing to be purchased.

Upgrades are divided by the three different weapons that the player can acquire in game:

The Shooter acts as a projectile launching Weapon that The Hero can use to pick off enemies at a distance. It has an intermediate rate of fire, and can be bought for 250 Rapo-Coins.

Both the Rapid Fire and Hyper Shot greatly increase the Shooter's rate of fire, effectively doubling and tripling it, respectively.

Rapid Fire costs 750 Rapo-Coins, while Hypershot costs 1500 Rapo-Coins.

The Slasher acts as a fast swinging melee weapon similar to the Legendary Sword. It offers a more up close and personal experience than that of the Shooter, and costs 250 Rapo-Coins.

The two upgrades for the Slasher, Dbl. Slash and Final Atk. adds a series of combo-like attacks that can be used in rapid succession. Dbl. Slash adds a secondary upward slash, while the Final Atk. adds a final downward stroke that moves the player forward a bit.

They each cost 750 and 1500 Rapo-Coins, respectively.

The Slinger acts as a mid-ranged throwing weapon that swings out in front and returns to the player, offering a more balanced play style compared to the Shooter or Slasher. It costs 250 Rapo-Coins.

The upgrade Omni Shot allows The Hero to swing the Slinger in multiple directions, including up, down and diagonally.

The upgrade Hurricane adds a charge ability that allows The Hero to swing the Slinger in a circle around them.

Omni Shot costs 750 Rapo-Coins, while Hurricane costs 1500 Rapo-Coins.

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  • The Shooter cannot be fired diagonally.
  • The Hurricane ability can be used as crowd control if the player gets surrounded.

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