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Anemone are stationary enemies found underwater in the Beach Gate levels of Drawn to Life. If The Hero gets within range of an Anemone, it will then suck in water, pulling The Hero in. At this point, The Hero must swim continuously to escape the pull of the Anemone. If the Anemone succeeds in pulling The Hero in, the Anemone will deal damage to them before spitting them out.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Anemones largely resemble real life Sea Anemones in terms of overall shape and appearance. In game, Anemones are light blue enemies with pink stripes and faint yellow spots dotted across their bodies.

AButton.png Levels

Angle Isle

Question.png Trivia

  • Anemones in-game differ greatly from their real-life counterparts in how they hunt. In real life, anemones are passive predators which rely on prey to come within reach of their tentacles before ensnaring and immobilizing them using neurotoxin. This contrasts to the Anemone in-game which actively pull in prey using a suction attack, an ability which real sea anemones lack.
  • An Anemone-like creature appears on the back of the Angler King during his boss fight.
    • This creature shoots out Shadow Fish periodically that attack The Hero.
    • This creature lacks a suction attack.
  • Due to the Anemone being an underwater enemy, the only way to attack it is with the Starzooka.

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