Baki Miner

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BakiMinecart Throw

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This object can be thrown from the minecart.


This object can be thrown from the minecart.

GrayBaki Idle

This object can be thrown from the minecart.

Species Baki
Variant Worker
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Various Projectiles
Item Drops SilverCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallSilverCoin Small
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Baki Miners are Grey Baki that appear in Lavasteam levels. They wear helmets and cannot be killed by being jumped on. They can be killed by attacking any other way.

In the levels where the Mine Cart is used, there are Baki Miners that throw bombs and Rapo Coins at The Hero from their own minecarts.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Much like Grey Baki, Baki Miners have grey fur and a tan face. They also wear blue and white striped scarves. Unlike Grey Baki, Baki Miners wear a helmet. These helmets are yellow with a red flashlight attached to them by a green strap.

AButton Levels Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • There is no official name for this type of Baki, but the name is assumed.
    • Other Assumed names include "Baki Worker" and "Helmet Baki".
      • The assumed name "Helmet Baki" is shared with Sand Baki.
  • Arms may be seen in this Baki's "Throw" animation.

PaintingIcon Media Edit


Minecart Throw


Helmet Ding

Enemy Death Normal

Enemy Death

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