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Species Bonobo
Variant None
Health 1 hit
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops N/A
Games Wii Logo

Bonobo are enemies that first appear in Jangala's first level, Jangala Floor. They appear in every Jangala level after this.

Bonobo are some of the only non-ranged enemies that actively target the Hero in Jangala. When they spot the Hero, they will run towards them, spear pointing out.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Bonobo are lavender-skinned, humanoid creatures with two, white, bulbous eyes, a purple upturned nose, and a mouth of sharp, yellow teeth. They also have markings around their eyes and on their forehead that are the same color as their nose.

They have long, blond hair that is shaped straight up in the air with an off-white bone tied around the base. They wear a necklace that is made of yellow beads, red feathers, and a skull as the focal piece. It also wears a loincloth made of leaves. In their left hand, they hold a spear that is decorated with more red feathers.

AButton Levels Edit

Jangala Floor
Jangala Climb
Jangala Canopy
Jangala Outpost
Jangala Falls
Treetop Village

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PaintingIcon Media Edit

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