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We needed someone to lead us. Our lives need structure. Rules. Someone to guide and protect us.


Click is a character from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. He is the Mayor of Galactic Jungle, and is first met after restoring ground Color in the village for the first time.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Click is an older-looking grey-furred Raposa. He has a moustache, and wears thick round-lensed glasses, blue overalls, a red bowtie, and a white shirt.

Gears.png History

When the Mayor of Galactic Jungle village died without an heir, the Raposa of Galactic Jungle fell into despair. Click saw that they needed leadership and created a fake group called The Council to protect and guide them. He led his village to believe "The Council" was running the town, while he was behind them all, and kept an act up as their messenger. However, things got out of hand and he began to create ridiculous rules and laws to keep order.

Keeping up the act proved to be difficult and exhausting for Click, so it was easy for Wilfre to persuade him to create the Space Fortress. After The Hero saved the village and the Council was revealed to be simply his puppets, Click apologized to the village and was then elected mayor.

Quote Icon.png Quotes

You haven't found the photon blaster yet? Ah, such a pity. I guess the elevator will have to remain broken.


I am terribly sorry, but until the main generator has been activated, the other buildings are off limits.
...In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Decree Number 35 Section III Article C Subheading 2.


Click before the level Scramble Tower is completed.

We needed someone to lead us. Our lives need structure. Rules. Someone to guide and protect us.


It is just as beautiful as I remember it. Though space is really at its best when adorned by a planet.
Hero, could you do an old man a favor and draw me a beautiful planet?


After the color to the star is restored, Click asks the player to draw the Planet creation

I know this may come as a surprise, but The S.P.U.D. were me as well.
Using the hologram projector, I made it appear as if I were teleporting in. You know, for dramatic effect.



Question.png Trivia

  • Click is the first Mayor known to be elected, rather than inheriting the title, in the Galactic Jungle.
  • If you talk to Click after Galactic Jungle's story is completed, he will tell you that he was the S.P.U.D. as well.

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