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|name=Coin Clown
|name=Coin Clown
|use=Gives coins to the player when attacked.<hr />[[File:SilverCoin Small.png]][[File:SilverCoin Small.png]][[File:SilverCoin Small.png]][[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]]
|use=Gives coins to the player when attacked.<hr />{{Icon|SilverCoin}}{{Icon|SilverCoin}}{{Icon|SilverCoin}}[[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:GoldCoin Small.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]][[File:BigCoin.png]]
|type=Level Object
|type=Level Object

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Coin Clown



Name Coin Clown
Use Gives coins to the player when attacked.
SilverCoin SmallSilverCoin SmallSilverCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallBigCoinBigCoinBigCoinBigCoinBigCoin
Creation Type Level Object
Has Preset Yes
Template Needed No
Created In/After Baki Basement
Game(s) DS logo

Whether relieving stress or trying to get rich quick, the Coin Clown showers the Hero with coins after each hit.

–In-game description

Coin Clowns are objects in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. They are placed randomly in levels and hitting them will let out Rapo-Coins. When a Raposa is rescued from a level, a Coin-Clown will often take their place after the level is beaten.

TowerIcon Appearance

Due to the Coin Clown being a creation object, the appearance is overall dependant on the player.

The pre-drawn guide creates an orange Raposa-like bobble dummy wearing a small blue and green vest.

AButton Levels

Question Trivia

  • Coin Clowns are the third level-centered creation object.

PaintingIcon Media

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