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Well, Hero, I guess it's up to you. Find that ranger, we'll stay here and wait for Click.


Crater Pass is the third level in the Galactic Jungle in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Book Icon.png Story

After The Hero returns from Iron Arboretum, Click repairs the elevator needed to reach The Council. Afterwards, he realizes he has forgotten his security badge to get into the fortress. After he leaves to go get it, a S.P.U.D. appears in front of the group. The S.P.U.D. ranger introduces himself as "Ranger Knox" of the Space Police. He then states that his comrade left at 0900 (9 AM) to scout out the jungle and hasn't come back. He then explains that he would look for him, but there are barely enough rangers to hold up USF law. The Hero is then sent into Crater Pass to look for the missing S.P.U.D while Sock and Jowee wait for Click by the elevator.

When the Hero goes into the level, they soon find a Baki dressed up as a S.P.U.D. instead of a regular Raposa S.P.U.D.

When the Hero returns with the S.P.U.D. Baki, Jowee then comments on how the ranger he found doesn't look like a ranger. Soon afterwards, Ranger Knox appears and thanks the Hero for their service to the DOT ROT POT USF. He then leaves with the Baki S.P.U.D. which he referred to as "Ranger Marxx". Jowee and Sock then leave to see if Click has arrived yet.

GalacticJungleCanvas.gif Creations

This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

BakiIcon.png Enemies


  • The Hero will be stopped by a S.P.U.D. if the player tries to go in the level before the story is ready.
    • The S.P.U.D. will say "Halt! This Jungle is very dangerous! Permission to enter requires consent to terms and conditions... As expressed in release waiver 4439. 237 C, 'Hazardous Environment Consent Form!' Also, you need... a good reason to be here!"
  • In order to access the level, the player must use 150 color drops to color in the area.
  • When the player completes the the level for the first time, they are rewarded with 200 color drops.
  • At one point in the game, Ranger Knox refers to the level as "The Jungle of the southern arc."
  • When the player finds the Baki S.P.U.D., a message appears that says "You Found The S.P.U.D.! Or at least you think so..."

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