The credits for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Directed and Written By

Jeremiah Slaczka

Technical Director

Marius Faulbusch

Lead Designer

Matthew Pellicane


Joshua Billeaudeau

Art Director

Edison Yan

Lead Animator

Paul Robertson

Ending Illustrator

David Hellman

Music and Sound

David J Franco

Lead Programmer

Brian Firfer

Senior Programmer

Zachary Brown

Senior Programmer

Nikolay Aleksiev

Script and Audio Programmer

Jonathan Armoza

Gameplay Programmers

Justin Chambers

John Foreman

Dustin Fischer

Shana Gitnick

Draw Mode Programmer

Gene Siew

Enemy Programmer

Robert Hunt

Additional Programming

Christina Carr

Marius Fahlbusch

Matthew Gross

Game Design

Jeremiah Slaczka

Matthew Pellicane

Todd Lewis

Cole Phillips

Lead Level Designer

Todd Lewis

Senior Level Designer and Boss Design

Cole Phillips

Level Designer

Bailey Hall

Village Design and Scripting

Zachary Francks

Village Scenario Design

Matthew Pellicane

Joseph M Tringali

Joshua Balvin

Concept and Background Illustration

Edison Yan

3D Animator

Nathan Hernandez

Associate Artists

Nick Deakins

Jeff Luke

Zachary Francks

Original Score

"Light of My Life"

Written and Composed By

David J Franco

Performed By

Hayley Chipman

Original Score

"Real Life"

Written and Composed By

David J Franco

Performed By

Melissa Clarke

Additional Vocals

Jeff Luke • Matt Cox • Bailey Hall • Marius Fahlbusch • Jeremiah Slaczka

Intro Animation


Paul Robertson

Background and Storyboards

Edison Yan


Jeremiah Slaczka

QA Director

Brett Caird

Senior QA Manager

Caleb Arseneaux

Quality Assurance

Joey England

Assistant Producer

Brittany Aubert

Executive Producer

Joseph M Tringali

An Original Concept By

Jeremiah Slaczka


Project Manager

George Collins

Creative Manager

Scott Rogers

VP Product Development

Richard Browne

THQ Product Development

SVP Worldwide Production Studios

Roy Tessler

SVP Creative Development Worldwide Studios

Danny Bilson

SVP Finance and Administration Worldwide Studios

Steve Decosta

VP Creative Management

Tim Campbell

Director Project Managment

Kathleen Nicholls

Director Creative Managment

Laddie Ervin

Senior Global PD Operations Manager

Ian Sedensky

Director Video Services

Robert Benjamin

Senior Video Editor

Fernando Velloso

Senior Video Animation

Dave Colacioppo

Associate Video Editor

Tyler Endicott

Video Production Coordinator

Roberto • Tito • Blasini

Director of Localization

Philippe Juton

European Localization Director

Susanne Dieck

European Localization Engineer

Bernd Kurtz

European Localization Technician

Andreas Herbertz

Localization Project Manager

Dan Kukucka

Miles Davies

Catherine Duperron



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Real Life

The song that plays during the end credits

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