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Here are the credits for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii).

Executive Producers
Nick Bruty
Aaron Loeb

Project Director
Billy Delli-Gatti

Senior Producer
James Wilson

Associate Producer
Davey Lei


Art Director
Ken Capelli

Lead Artists
Trevor Grimshaw
Steve Royer

Lead Animator
Kaan Kayimoglu

Lead UI Artist
Robert Mouck

Concept Artists
Sandie Chun
Winona Nelson
Jeannine Schafer

Senior Environment Artist
Daniel Seiberling

Environment Artists
Rachelle Daniele
Sundeep Dass
Eric "Koz" Kozlowsky
Jonathan Newberry

Character Artist
Eric Maki

Dojun Lee

Visual Effects
Raven Alef
Mark Hamilton

Additional Art
Thomas Denmark
Rafal Kania
Jeremy Huxley
Kevin Wright


Lead Designers
Casey Holtz
Jason Weesner

Level Designers
John Hsia
Ray Yeomans

Game Designer
Brian Harris

Written By
Scott Rogers


Audio Lead
Justin Mullens

Music Supervisor
Jared Emerson-Johnson

Music Composers
Dave Levison
Chris Remo
Bill Storkson
Rich Vreeland

Sound Supervisor
Damien Kastbauer

Sound Design
Bay Area Sound, Inc
Jeff Essex
Julian Kwasneski
Carsten Rojahn
Bill Storkson
Tyler Straub
Ramon Wesselink


Quality Assurance
Kevin Kaw
Daniel Serenne

Quality Assurance Interns
Dylan Adams
Max Marin


Scott Guest

Lead Programmer
Chris Cammack

Senior Programmers
Martin Brownlow
Jason Earp
Darren Ensley
Nathan Frost
Hong Park

Salili Apte
Wesley Brock
David "Rez" Graham
David Raber

Additional Programing
Timothy Ambrogi
Christopher Cornell
Tyson Roberts

Planet Moon Studios

Aaron Loeb

Nick Bruty

Scott Guest

Art Director
Ken Capelli

Development Director
Raven Alef

Director of Operations
Ellie White

Project Directors
Billy Delli-Gatti
Ryan Kaufman

Senior Producers
Nate Schaumberg
James Wilson

Jamie Valle

The Team Would Like to Thank
Jackie & Sophie
The family, Candice, Frank, Sandwiches
Kiki Bian and my family
Eva Indigo Capelli
Rachael Fauxred Gray
Sarena, my family back home in NY
and of course my cats Myu and Zaphodl
Vivian Wong and Dustin Lei
Nina Wilson
Jack and Katie Kenna
Micaelo Smith
Gabriel Salazar
Olivia Maguire
Anderson Smith
Allyn Bruty, Scout
Steven and Clair Murray
Angy, Derek and family
Sonny, Adrian, Henry, Sadi
Soledad, Daniel
The Welty's
my wonderful wife Tricia
To Royerclan: Emilie, Caleb, Hannah,
Stephanie & Grace
Young Jin & Hanna
Joni & Michael Mullens, Ian McPeters,
Bif Wingard, Chris Hatala, Danny
Rui Tong
Randy and Mary, my fantastic forebears
Onki, my wonderful obsession
PlanetMoon and Team DTL,
for being great
All my Teachers, Past, Present and Future
505 Sansome crew
for all the latte's & sarcasm
Caleb Quinn
Christopher Mufoletto
Steven Bode
Steve Havel
Martina Eidson
Spring Montes
Rodrigo Morenso-Mesa
Ace Myers
Lydia & Joe at Yo-Yo's
for all the Udon & sushi.
My girlfriend Kristy for all the late nights.
Claire, Holly & Jack Guest
To my beautiful and patient wife Camilla
and our awesome son, Griffin

Special Thanks
Rich Sun
Eubank Wang

Very Special Thanks
5th Cell
Richard Browne
George Collins
Scott Rogers
Bob Stevenson


Project Manager
George Collins

Creative Manager
Scott Rogers

VP, Product Development
Richard Browne

THQ Product Development
Roy Tessler, SVP, Production, Worldwide Studios
Danny Bilson, SVP, Creative Development, Worldwide Studios
Steve DeCosta, SVP, Finance and Administration, Worldwide Studios
Tim Campbell, VP, Creative Management
Laddie Ervin, Director Creative Management
Ian Sedensky, Senior Global PD Operations Manager
Robert Benjamin, Director, Video Services
Fernando Velloso, Senior Video Editor
Dave Colacioppo, Senior Video Animation
Tyler Endicott, Associate Video Editor
Roberto "Tito" Blasini, Video Production Coordinator
Philippe Juton, Director of Localization
Susanne Dieck, European Localization Director
Bernd Kurtz, European Localization Engineer
Andreas Herbertz, European Localization Technician
Dan Kukucka, Localization Project Manager
Miles Davies, Localization Project Manager
Catherine Duperron, Localization Project Manager
Andrew Johnson, Localization Executive Producer
Reshide Ameti, Localization Project Manager
Arnaud Lebesnerais, Localization Producer
Laura Lloyd, VP - PD Finance
Steffanie Bullis, Manager - PD Finance
Elena Gramont, Senior Financial Analyst
Barbara Spring, Manager - PD Finance
Jessica Peters, Executive Assistant
Melissa Saito, Administrative Assistant

Senior QA Manager
Michael Motoda

QA Supervisor
Jeff Braun
Anne Farmer

QA Lead
Brian Demers

Colin Bannon
Nolan Ellis
Roxanna Rousakis
Don Smith
Matt Dondelinger
Nicole Babos
Juan Gonzales
Travis Bolek

Compliance QA Supervisor
Joseph Pearson

Compliance QA Project Lead
Russel Brock
Carlos Flores

Compliance QA Specialists
Matthew DiPanni
Vahagn Kirakosian
Todd Thommes
David Legois
Josh Kimmel
Benjamin Jones
Carmelo Consiglio

Submission Coordinators
Brian Skidmore
Darryl Matthews
Malik Aziz
Scott Ritchie

Senior Supervisor, Mastering
Anthony Dunnet

Mastering Lab Technicians
Glen Peters
Heidi Salguero
Ryan Fell
Ian Clark
Robert LeBeau

QA Operations Manager
Richard Jones

QA Operations Technicians
Luis Arevalo
Ryan Cashman
Justin Drolet
Michael Zlotnicki

QA Facilities Coordinator
Christopher Ramirez

Database Administrator
T. Ryan Arnold

QA Tools Programmer
Jonathan Gill

QA Data Analyst
Steve Nelson

QA Coordinator
Omar Flores

HR Manager
Lori Ceballos

QA Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Osborn

Customer Service Supervisor
Colin Thompson

Customer Service Representatives
Jodie Geiselman
Peter Svenkerud
Christopher Brown

Senior Manager, Usability
Karl Steiner


Question.png Trivia

  • Unlike the other games in the series, the credits of the Wii game do not mention the player.
  • According to Senior Programmer Martin Brownlow, every member of the staff was encouraged to create their own Hero[1], but evidently, not everyone did.

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