These are the Staff Credits for the original Drawn to Life game.

5th Cell

Directed By
Jeremiah Slaczka

Technical Director
Marius Fahlbusch

Lead Programmer
Brian Firfer

Object Programmer
O'wes Beck

Village Programmer
Zachary Brown

AI Programmer
Steve Chiavelli

Draw Mode Programmer
Ian Hall

Graphics Programmer
Charels Skoda

Network Programmers
Steven Joseph
Brian Firfer

Assistant Programmer
Luke Thompson

Lead Designer
Jeremiah Slaczka

Level Designers
Jeff Luke
James Youngman

Village Scenario Design
Joseph M. Tringali

Lead Artist
Cow Chern Fai

Kariana Lye See Mun
Ginnie Tee Seah Nee

Paul Robertson

Pomotional Artist
Edison Yan

Art Production
Sheman Chin Lit Kong
Tiffany Lim
James Youngman

Associate Artist
Jeff Luke

Art Director
Jeremiah Slaczka

Quality Assurance Manager
Brett Carid

Quality Assurance Engineers
Luke Thompson
Justin Arruda

Web Demo
Christian Senjaya

David J. Franco

David J. Franco

"The End" Theme Preformed by
Hayley Chipan
David J. Franco

Lyrics By
David J. Franco

Voice Acting
Molly Hymas
David J. Franco

Executive Producer
Joseph M. Trinqali

Original Concept
Jeremiah Slaczka


Project Manager
George Collins

Creative Manager
Scott Rogers

Art Director
Thom Ang

Vice President Project Management
Richard Browne

Senior President Project Management
Steve Dauterman

Director Global Brand Management
Sarah Handley

Associate Brand Manager
Joanne Tam

Director, Global Media Relations
Kristina Kirk

Media Releations Manager
Kathy Mendoza Bricaud

Media Realations Coordinator
Karen Fujimoto

Director , Creative Services
Howard Liebeskind

Creative Services Coordinator
Lindsy Talbot

Director, Quality Assurance
Monica Vallejo

QA Managers
Mario Waibel
Michael Motoda

Test Supervisor
Joel Dagang

Test Lead
Andrew Frederiksen

Brandon Johonson
Elliot Kuykendall
Chris Cleve
Ryan Cope
Joel Marcantel
Charels Elgin

First Party Supervisor
Adam Addrunti

First Party Specialists
Georgeina Schaller
David Legois
Russell Brock
Scott Ritchie
Todd Thommes

QA Technician Supervisor
Richard Jones

QU Technicians
Michael Zlotnicki
Justin Drolet
Ryan Cashman

Mastering Lab Supervisor
Anothony Dunnet

Mastering Lab Technicians
Glen Peters
T. Rayan Arnold
Heidi Salquero
Ryan Fell

Remastering Project Manager
Charles Bartarse

Database Administrator
Konathan Gill

Database Administrator Engeneer
Brian Kincaid

Playability Engeneering Lab Coordinator
David Wilson

QA Operations Coordinator
Steve Nelson
Omar Flores

HR Generalist
Eve Waldman

Special Thanks To
Nintendo of America
Dan Adelman
Sam Self
Dana Brockman
Sean C. Heffron
Tim Campbell
Sherman 3D sdn bhd
Adam Tierney
Nina Pinsker
Brittany Aubert
Zach Peterson (next season!)
Ninja Sharks With Lasers
Joann Buckley Collins
Spencer Collins
Tucker Everett Collins
Brenda Lee Rogers
Evelyn Rogers
Jack Rogers
Krishna Dindial
Kathleen Nicholls

All our friends and family for supporting us!


Question TriviaEdit

  • At the end of the game, The Creator is asked to sign their name in the Book of Life until Mari is ready to be mayor.
  • The credits can be played by either selecting it on the title screen, or completing the game.
    • Unlike the endgame version of the credits, the title screen's version doesn't include the final boss theme, instead repeating the Mari and Jowee theme.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

Mari and Jowee

The first song that plays during the credits

Final Showdown

The second song to play during the end credits

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