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Drawn to Life: Collection
Drawn to Life Collection
Developer(s) 5th Cell
Publisher(s) THQ
Release Date(s) Nov. 23, 2010
Platform(s) DS
Genre(s) Adventure/Platform
Rating(s) E (ESRB)
Last Game
Next Game

Drawn to Life: Collection is a bundle re-release containing both Drawn to Life and its sequel Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. It was first released on November 23, 2010.

Book Icon Plot

Drawn to Life


Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter


NoteIcon Differences

  • The main menu shows a selection screen where the player chooses which of the two games to play
  • The ending of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is altered due to a ratings complaint.

Question Trivia

  • Later versions of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter also have the altered ending.
  • On the collection boxart, The Hero's head is less circle shaped.

PaintingIcon Media

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