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What follows is a complete transcript of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, including scene transitions and extra dialog from non-important characters. During the game, the player is sometimes presented with opportunities to respond to the game's characters by selecting predetermined dialog options. These moments will be shown in this transcript through Tabbers. Character emotion will be expressed within parenthesis at the beginning of each character quote on this page in correlation to the in-game sprite or emotion bubble seen in the game at that time. Additionally, voice blips may also show at the beginning or end of a quote if one is heard at that time in-game. One may view a character's article page to see the sprite or sound-effect referenced.

“Optional Dialogue” refers to dialogue that can be accessed through interacting with Raposa while the Hero is able to freely move about the world. Also, some quotes may be duplicated in certain sections of the game. In this case, the duplicated entries will not be shown in this transcript.

The player character, The Hero, will simply be referred to as "Hero" within this transcript.


[The screen fades to show a dark, swirly background. The character who makes the following statements will be referred to as "Unknown Character 1".]

Unknown Character 1: Creator, you've always been there for us...
Unknown Character 1: I need you again... I can't go on like this anymore!

[A window pops up with a question and three responses the player can choose. The character asking these questions will be referred to as "Unknown Character 2".]

Unknown Character 2: What do you remember about that day?

[A window pops up with a question and three responses the player can choose.]

Unknown Character 2: Alright... What else?

[A window pops up with a question and three responses the player can choose.]

Unknown Character 2: What were you doing when it happened?

Unknown Character 2: Could you draw us a picture of what happened that day
Unknown Character 2: based on your answers?

[The game then requires the player to draw something on the bottom screen. The three answers the player gave appear on the top screen.]

[The answers fade away and the player's drawing shifts to the top screen]

Unknown Character 2: I see... Thank you.

[The following character uses a slightly different font than the other two characters. This character will be referred to as "Unknown Character 3"]

Unknown Character 3: Creator... Just bxru acck ii gduh bfahrr uo em...

(Screen fades to black)

Opening Cinematic

(Screen un-fades, and the opening cinematic starts to play with the opening credits.)

(The camera pans down from the clouds to the ground, where Heather is seen running past a fence and down a hill from behind.)

[The Credits read: "Directed & Story by Jeremiah Slaczka"]

(The camera then pans to the right, the direction Heather is running, showing two silhouettes sitting on a blanket under a massive tree. The camera then zooms in on the two Raposa silhouettes.)

[The Credits read: "Technical Director Marius Fahlbusch"]

(The scene changes to a shot of the the picnic blanket. The camera pans from the lower left to the upper right. There is a picnic basket with a red cloth which are covering what appear to be rolls. There are also buns, three plates with a cup and spoon on each of them, napkins, a plate of sandwiches on top of what appears to be lettuce.)

[The Credits read: "Executive Producer Joseph M. Tringali"]

(The shot changes to show the right side of Heather's body as she runs. The camera pans up to show the right side of Heather's face. Then the camera goes around to show Heather's smiling face from the front. The camera then slowly zooms away from Heather.)

[The Credits read: "Lead Designer Matthew Pellicane"]

(The shot changes to show Mari and Jowee facing left. Jowee is on the right in the foreground, while Mari is on the left and is farther away from the camera. The camera pans from left to right, slowly exposing Jowee's face. Mari has her arm up, either as a greeting or to block out the sunlight, while Jowee waves at Heather. A breeze is blowing.)

(The shot briefly changes to a birds eye view of Heather approaching Mari, Jowee, and the picnic blanket from the upper left. Jowee is on Heather's right, while Mari is on Heather's left.)

(The shot then changes to a much lower view from above. Mari and Jowee are no longer in view. The camera follows Heather slightly as she proceeds to sit on her knees. Heather leans in to grab an empty plate. Heather then smiles and nods as she holds her plate.)

(The shot changes to a birds eye view of the plate Heather is holding. A white tong approaches the plate from the lower left, and places a colorless carrot-like vegetable on Heather's plate.)