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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)
Developer(s) Planet Moon Studios
Publisher(s) THQ
Release Date(s) AUS:Oct. 08, 2009
EU:Oct. 16, 2009
NA:Oct. 27, 2009
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Adventure/Platform
Rating(s) E (ESRB)
Last Game
Next Game
None (Spinoff)
Your Hero. New Adventures.

–Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Box Art

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is the non-canon sequel to Drawn to Life, developed by Planet Moon Studios, and published by THQ. There is a canon version of the game developed by 5th Cell for the DS, known as Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.


Like the previous Drawn to Life, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is a platformer in which the player draws their own Hero to play as. New to the game is Action Drawing mode, which allows the player to draw directly into the game.

Book Icon.png Story

The game is set after the original Drawn to Life, and Mari is now the mayor of the Raposa Village. She also has an assistant named Circi. The creations of the village are being stolen, so The Creator sends The Hero to help the village once again. Jowee suggests that Zsasha has stolen the items and ran off into Jangala. Mari sends The Hero and Jowee to Jangala to find Zsasha, but they find out that Zsasha has been held captive by the Monkey King. Mari then realizes that Zsasha didn't steal the items, and fears that Wilfre has returned. She sends The Hero and Jowee to Shadow City to check for signs of Wilfre's presence. They find the ink factory making Shadow Creatures again, and they also find Wilfre's Journal which holds a plan to destroy The Creator. To do that, he needs the four Artifacts of Power: Branches from the Tree of Ages, a Pen and Pencil, the Eternal Furnace and the Crystal Mask. They already have a pen and pencil from Wilfre's journal, and the mask was given to them by the Monkey King. Mari then sends The Hero and Jowee to the Icy Wastes to retrieve the Eternal Furnace. After they find it Galileo tells them that the Tree of Ages is in trouble. The Hero goes to save it and obtain the branches. When all the items are together, Circi then reveals that she is in love with Wilfre. She uses the artifacts to try and bring Wilfre back from the dead and attempts to draw him, but forgets what he looks like. She accidentally creates the Giant Scribble Monster that attacks her and the village. The Hero must defeat it, and then the Raposa celebrate with a feast.

List of Gates


Jangala is the first gate in the game. It has a forest theme and is split into 6 levels. This gate has no boss, and the Artifact of Power found in this gate is the Crystal Mask.

Shadow City

Shadow City is the second gate in the game. It has a shadow theme and is split into 6 levels. The boss of this gate is the Boss, and the Artifact of Power found in this gate is the Pen and Pencil.

Icy Wastes

Icy Wastes is the third gate in the game. It has a icy theme and is split into 6 levels. This gate has no boss, and the Artifact of Power found in this gate is the Eternal Furnace.

Eastern Winds

Eastern Winds is the fourth and final gate in the game. It has a sky theme and is split into 6 levels. This gate has no boss, and the Artifact of Power found in this gate is the Branches from the Tree of Ages.

Raposa Village

Although not technically a separate gate, the final level of the game happens here. The boss of this "gate" is the Giant Scribble Monster, and no Artifact of Power is found here.

Gears.png Features

Action Drawing

Action Drawing can be done during gameplay within certain areas defined by dashed lines, using the Wiimote as a pointer to draw.

  • BlueBrush.pngBasic Ink (Blue): Introduced in 1-1, Jangala Floor. Creates a static platform or ramp for the Hero to stand on. The Hero can't jump through Basic Ink platforms, unless the player draws the platform without releasing the B button, then jumps above it and immediately releases B, making the platform solid.
  • RedBrush.pngPhysics Ink (Red): Introduced in 1-2, Jangala Climb. In-game explanation: "Action Drawings done in Physics Ink will immediately fall with gravity. They will also be affected by the world, enemies, and more!"
  • GreenBrush.pngBouncy Ink (Green): Introduced in 2-1, Shadow City Outer Walls. In-game explanation: "Action Drawings done in Bouncy Ink will bounce you away from the drawing when you come in contact with it."

Cheat Codes

  • To get 100 free Rapo-Coins:
    • Pause during play
    • Hold the Wii remote upside down
    • Enter A, B, C, Up (on D-pad)

Question.png Trivia

  • The game was originally announced on May 26th, 2009 in tandem with its DS counterpart.
  • Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) was confirmed not to be canon by Jeremiah Slaczka and DigitalContinue[1].
  • Like the original installment, the player gets to draw the world of Raposa at the start of the game.
    • Unlike the original game, the Wii game doesn't let the player draw the trees and Raposa. Instead, the player gets to draw the sun and the moon.
  • Like the original installment, there are different tools for each world ingame.
  • According to Jowee, the game takes place during the summertime.
    • Despite this, according to Heather, she still goes to school over the summer.
  • The Instruction Manuals for this game and its DS counterpart are both stylized to look like the Book of Life.
  • Instead of only featuring Shadow, Ink and Scribble are also used by Circi to accomplish her goals. The ink is primarily manifested in Shadow City as the main plot device of the gate, and scribble is manifested exclusively in the Giant Scribble Monster.
  • Although Jowee states that Wilfre's plan was to burn the Branches from the Tree of Ages in the Eternal Furnace to make Creation Ink, this plan is never carried out by Circi. In reality, she uses the Branches and Furnace, along with the other Artifacts of Power to create the Dark Mannequin, upon which she tries to draw Wilfre.
    • It is unknown whether this is a plot hole or a miscalculation of the plan on Jowee's part.
  • According to Character Artist Eric Maki and Additional Artist Thomas Denmark, the last six months of development were part of a crunch, meaning that the team was working long days, 6-7 days a week to get the game out on time.

PaintingIcon.png Media

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