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Species Mole
Variant None
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Projectile (Dynamite)
Item Drops SilverCoin SmallSilverCoin Small
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Dynamite Moles are stationary, mole-like enemies found in some Lavasteam levels. They first appear in Crystal Caverns, and are later seen in some portions of Rocky Railroad.

When within visible range of The Hero, Dynamite Moles will begin to throw dynamite at them. These enemies throw three pieces of dynamite at, or near, The Hero before looking around and tunneling underground for a short while. While underground, Dynamite Moles are invulnerable.

Dynamite Moles wear hardhats, which means they cannot be killed by being jumped on and must be attacked using a weapon. Due to this, the best time to attack is when the Dynamite Mole is going through their "looking" animation, as they won't throw dynamite during this phase.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Dynamite Moles are semi-anthropomorphic enemies. They have purple fur all over their bodies except their hands, feet, and muzzle, and they wear a yellow hard-hat and carry a backpack full of dynamite sticks. Like many enemies in the Drawn to Life series, they have large white eyes.

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Question Trivia Edit

  • Dynamite Moles will always throw dynamite at The Hero, even when separated by walls or other obstacles.
  • There is no official name for this enemy, but the name is assumed.
    • Other assumed names include, "Miner Mole" or just "Mole".

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