An Easter Egg is a secret placed in a game by its developers for keen-eyed people to discover. Here are some easter eggs related to the Drawn to Life series.

Drawn to Life Edit

  • Near Galileo's Observatory at night, the text "Miah ♥ Kaori" can be seen in the grass. Miah refers to Jeremiah Slaczka, 5th Cell's creative director, and Kaori is his wife.
  • In the Developer's Grove, which can be accessed by depositing 10,000 Rapo-coins into the Wishing Well, Jeremiah will ask, "Have you found the flower to save the mayor?" Another developer says to disregard what he said. The flower is not real, since it has never been found in-game, in the game's files, or by hacking.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Edit

Doom EasterEgg
  • If you try to go into The Abyss level before advancing to a certain point in the story, a box of text will appear that says "Under Penalty of Doom: Beware! No Swimming Allowed! No Exceptions, Exchanges, or Refunds!"
  • After the opening video, a doll of the character Bluebit from Lock's Quest can be seen above Jowee's bed, and a Lock's Quest poster is on the wall next to the bed.
  • The option menu icon in the main menu is Emi's teddy bear from Lock's Quest.

Drawn to Life cameos in Lock's Quest Edit

  • In Brookwood Camp in the forest there are graves for Mari, the Mayor, and Wilfre.  Knights at the camp claim to have been attacked by a "shadow clockwork" coming for Wilfre's grave.
  • Early in the game, a woman states that she is trying a new crop called Banya.
  • In the Siege Mode shop, a doll of Jowee can be seen on the shelf behind the knight.
  • Some characters in Lock's Quest are named similarly to Drawn to Life characters.
    • Lock's parents' names, Jonsef and Marie, are close to Jowee and Mari.
    • Heathern's name is close to Heather.
    • The Seers in Lock's Quest are hermits who wear robes. Samuel is a hermit who wears robes, and the biblical Samuel is called a seer.
    • After beating the game, a Raposa named Mike appears in Antonia West.

Misc Edit

  • There is a sign in Run Roo Run! That has what resembles a Raposa on it.
  • The base of a giant turtle resembling Turtle Rock can be seen in the underwater level of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

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