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Faraway Beach is the first level of the village Watersong. At the start of the level, The Hero draws a Surfboard to surf the waves and collect Rapo-Coins as well as Color Drops.

Book Icon.png Story

Mari, Jowee, and The Hero enter Watersong after Turtle Rock docks and are surprised to see another village besides their own devoid of color. After some dialog, Madeleine shows them a Color Jar she found on her beach. Amazed, Jowee suggests The Hero use it to restore color to a boathouse, and by extension the area of this level. The Hero then goes into this level to collect more color.

After collecting color from the level, The Creator restores color to the uncolored ground allowing access to the rest of western Watersong section.

BakiIcon.png Enemies

WatersongCanvas.gif Creations



This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.


  • The Boathouse the player restores color to uses up all 25 color drops that were found by Madeleine.
  • When the level is completed for the first time, the player is rewarded with 100 Color Drops.
  • The BakiBeard Coin is in the stage where you see the second beach ball. Head down the first hole you see and swim to the left.

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