Firefly Cocoon

Firefly Emerge

Firefly Fly

Firefly Hurt

Species Firefly
Variant None
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallSilverCoin Small
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Fireflies are enemies found in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. They first appear in Lavasteam in the Rocky Railroad level.

Fireflies hang as cocoons from the ceiling of a level, and will drop down, sprout wings, and fly across the screen when the player gets too close.

TowerIcon Appearance

Fireflies look lke small, legless, yellow flying insects. When in a cocoon they are orange and have no wings. When emerged from their cocoon, they sprout wings, and glow.

AButton Levels

Question Trivia

  • Another assumed name for this enemy, since its official name is not known, is Wasp.

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