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TNC Story discussion

Here we'll discuss the story for TNC. While we'll talk about ALL of the story, everyone in the chat must know the ending to TNC to avoid spoilers.

Here are two main topics I thought would be interesting to get started with.

  • Was the ending for the DS version of TNC planned or improvised? I wanted to ask this for a while now, but I was afraid it would cause a riot of sorts...

I personally think there is plenty of evidence for and against the Ending being planned.

  • What's up with Lavasteam? While it's music is memorable, the same can't be said for it's story. However, it's interesting to point out that many of the unused things in the game are Lavasteam related. This includes a THIRD SECTION OF LAVASTEAM! Did this have to do with Salem and Miney's 'plan'? Who are Miney and Moe's siblings? Why did Sock point out Mari to Jowee?

Manere (Talk)

It could have been improvised! Maybe there was more planned for Lavasteam—it would make sense if there was—so for whatever reason they had to cut that extra content out would mean that the story was improvised or modified to some extent. As for the other points, I'm not really sure. I did find it weird that Sock pointed out Mari to Jowee; I guess that was just to gain more trust from Jowee and the player since he knew they wouldn't be able to reach her in time or something?

BreGee (Talk)

I kinda feel like the ending was at least half improvised. While there was some foreshadowing in the first game (Heather's face, and Mike saying it must be a dream), there are too many inconsistencies for me to think was completely planned out. Who knows? Maybe Heather was originally going to be the one in a coma.

Speaking of Mike, there is this one scene in Lavasteam that has NOTHING to do with the final story. After the Robosa go crazy, Mike leaves Turtle Rock, and enters the second section of Lavasteam. He is then chased back onto Turtle Rock by the Robosa. Mike also exclaims at one point that this always happens to him... So what was that? Were the Robosa once planned to invade Turtle Rock? That scene always confused me.

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