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2019 Contest Entries and Submissions

Hello everyone! Now that the 2019 contest is under way, we have decided to create a Wiki Forum to submit your entries to! Here we'll also upload all the entries for each of the three prompts.

Before you submit an entry, please fill out this form to the best of your ability.

Here are all of the entries so far, categorized by prompt. To submit an entry/entries, please comment your entry/entries in this form using the reply template and/or by submitting to one of the wiki's other social media platforms. For more info on how to submit, read this journal!

If you have any questions, contact BakiDance or BreGee.


Draw your favorite enemy in the series.

For this prompt, you will draw your favorite canon enemy in any DTL installment. There isn't much else to this one; the rest is up to you! Submissions will be judged based on ability and detail.


2019eBaki Beach

Entry by BattleOfWits#1550 on Discord


Entry by Masu#7235 on Discord

Draw your favorite canon characters doing their favorite activity!

For this prompt, you will draw one or more canon characters in some way participating in their favorite activities. This can be anything, including scenes shown in the games! Just be sure that the characters you represent are doing something they love or would do! Submissions will be judged based on ability, detail, and relevancy.



Entry by ls-arkos1334 on tumblr

Original Entry

Entry by esoup#0525 on Discord


Entry by Cloud#9332 on Discord


Entry by BattleOfWits#1550 on Discord


Entry by succfishy#6620 on Discord

Create a new village!

For this prompt, you will create a brand new village. Unlike the other prompts, this one is split into three requirements:

1. You must draw the layout of your village. This is kind of obvious, but we need to be able to see the village. If you're making a big village, you can just create a simple map, but do also create detailed pictures of important sections. The style doesn't matter as long as you showcase your village's style!

2. Draw at least three non-canon characters who live there and give them a short introduction (For example: their name, what they do in the village, etc. You don't need to write an essay here, just let us know who they are and what they do.)

3. Write about your village and explain how it functions. This is the writing portion. Just give a summary, at least a paragraph, detailing aspects of the village you'd like to show. (For example: where is it located? who lives there? what are some unique customs and laws?) We won't be judging grammar, so don't worry. We just want to know all about your creation.


Circifox's entry

circifox on deviantart and circifox#1731 on Discord


original entry


The northeast portion of the town has the residential area and shop area. The houses are mainly styled after gothic townhouses. Then there's the library, the coffin shop, the candle shop, the cafe, and the magic and general store (which are connected together). The southeast portion of the town has the town observatory (which is closest to the bridge) and the funeral home (which is closest to the town gate). The northwest portion of the town has the town hall (which is up on the hill by the wall), the bank, the church (which is by the Shadow River running through the center of town), the fountain, and the watchtower. The southwest portion of the town has Mayor Margaret's house, the graveyard, and the mausoleum. They traditionally use stained glass instead of signs to indicate the purpose of a building for the most part.


Dusky Hollow is a quiet village located outside the walls of Shadow City, and is in the valley by it. It has been outside there for decades, though due to the city being overrun by shadow creatures and the water supply being tainted by ink and shadow goo, it has corrupted the water source to where a special ritual is used to purify it. This ritual is known as the Moonlight Ritual, which is performed during when the light of the moon is strongest. Due to the location of Dusky Hollow, the moon is out practically all the time, so they mainly observe the lunar cycle to figure out when the concentration of light is at it’s peak. “Fear not the shadow” and “respect the legacy and rest of the dead” are the two key portions of the town mantra. Mayor Margaret is the current leader of the town and plays many different roles in protecting and keeping the village sustainable and safe.

Though the villagers of Dusky Hollow have to defend themselves from shadow creatures that could come in from Shadow City, they are not afraid of darkness or the creatures within it. They tend to practice magic that is considered “dark” mainly for self-defense, though they also learn moon-related magic and illusory magic for more techniques. From what they have learned and understood, it is better to embrace the darkness than to fear it, as fear of the darkness will only lead to rejection and hurt. At the same time, “embracing the darkness” to the villagers does not mean to be overcome and overtaken by shadow, and rather, to utilize it more productively for the good of others. They are trying to get Shadow City back to a hospitable and livable state like it once was, though the overabundance of shadow creatures makes it difficult for them to do so. Usually villagers go into the town in groups to venture into Shadow City, though the Mayor is known to make infiltrations in there by herself.

The concept of death is very sacred and important to the villagers of Dusky Hollow (with their very precise and careful funeral preparations, the protection and respect of the graveyard, and their holidays and festivals related to the celebration and remembrance of the dead). Any magic that attempts necromancy and disruption of the dead is forbidden. They have also made care to keep the village graveyard elevated and distanced from the Shadow River in fear that the inky, polluted water could taint the sacred resting place and cause mutations and strange happenings there. Their main holidays are Remembrance Day and the Festival of the Dead, which are periods where the dead are remembered and honored for their legacies. The church, the Mayor, and those who work at the candle shop, the funeral home, and the coffin shop all play a role in these village traditions.


original entry


Margaret is the Mayor of Dusky Hollow. She is a very calm, quiet Raposa with peculiar white fur and long bluish-black hair with bangs that cover her eyes. She is known for being responsible and dependable with protecting her people, guiding the village, and also helping guide others through the underground passage of her family’s mausoleum into Shadow City, though she’s considered a bit odd for deciding to live next to the village’s graveyard. Other than her mayoral duties, she has an important role in planning the town’s festivities and holidays, and is a master in dark, moon and illusory magic that helps protect the village, and also helps in the Moonlight Ritual to purify the Shadow River so that the water is drinkable and untainted by ink and pollution.

Undertaker (real name is unspoken) is the owner of the village’s coffin shop and the other guardian of the village graveyard. Because their face and body is covered by their robes, which resemble the Grim Reaper, nobody knows what gender they are, and their voice sounds like it could be either way. They work closely with Grimm for funeral preparations and with the town obituary for informing passings of villagers. At nighttime, they watch over the graveyard, though they also have a role in guiding visitors through the crypt into Shadow City with the Mayor’s permission. Though Undertaker is relatively quiet, their creepily cheery yet mysterious voice tends to scare outsiders, and their role in helping preparations and ceremonies for the dead does not help.

Grimm is the funeral director of Dusky Hollow’s Funeral Home (which is the dark blue building closest to the town gate). He is Margaret’s cousin. Grimm is very dedicated and careful with his work with the dead and funerary traditions, as they are sacred to the town. Other than his work at the funeral home, he also assists his cousin with the town’s festivities and holidays and helps watch over the mausoleum and the graveyard with Undertaker during the Moonlight Ritual to ensure that beasts from Shadow City don’t come in. He has somewhat of a monotonous voice, which is somewhat of a trait in the family.


The entire entry together

KaleNipClaw's entry

KaleNipClaw on tumblr and KaleNipClaw#2568 on Discord


original entry

Colourspec Village has three sections to it- Above, Midway and Below

First of all, Above. Above is where the general population are located. This is the actual “village” part, where everyone lives. This is where the first and penultimate levels are located. The first level, Boss’ Manor, involves clearing the path into the manor, not so Boss can get out, but so other people can get in to see her. The penultimate level, The Back Entrance, happens after the main entrance has lost colour. Once again, you need to clear a path, but this time, it’s much more difficult, as there are lots of Baki, and a slight infestation of Recluse Rebels. Above is also the area where people recycle colour when building or tearing buildings down.

Midway is where most of the workers are. It’s basically where the workers maintain the integriry of the Colourspec Machine so it can still function. This is where most of the levels take place, all of which involve removing some sort of dangerously-positioned blockage so that the Machine can recycle colour again.

Finally, Below is where the Toxic Recluses burn raw Tocicite to keep the Machine powered. The Recluses are fine with this, as they recieve rewards from the people of the village, and they are the only species that can survive the toxic fumes of Tocicite, as long as they spend most of their time in their dens. If they don’t, they mutate and go mad. Only one has done this. This one is the Giant Recluse, the boss fight of the village, who stabs at you and tries to bite you.

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