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2019 Contest Results

Easy Prompt:

  • With 24 votes, Masu's entry won First Place!
  • With 15 votes, BattleOfWits' entry won Second Place!

Medium Prompt:

  • With 13 votes, succfishy's entry won First Place!
  • With 11 votes, BattleOfWits's entry won Second Place!
  • With 6 votes, esoup's entry won Third Place!
  • With 5 votes, Cloud's entry won Forth Place!
  • With 4 votes, ls-arkos1334's entry won Fifth Place!

Hard Prompt:

  • With 32 votes, circifox's entry won First Place!
  • With 7 votes, KaleNipClaw's entry won Second Place!

A huge thanks to everyone that participated! Oh! And for all the winners, your entries will be featured on affiliated social media accounts!

Click here to see all entries.

BreGee (Talk)

Congrats everyone! All of the entries were so amazing! You are all so talented.

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