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AU's of DtL

I haven't really seen any alternate universes in the Drawn to Life Community. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing...

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What would count as an alternate universe?

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Crystal Lugia wrote:
 What would count as an alternate universe?

Honestly, I'm not an expert on that... Twitter Frown

But I'll give a link from wikipedia


(It's not the best resource, but it's better than nothing! ...I think?)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Ah, okay... It's fine!  :3

Let me see.

Yep! Crossovers are the universe of my brain. (Makes sense?) I mean, who takes a character from a spin-off Pokemon game, gives them a major character do-over, and then inserts them to play the role of the Hero in DTL... Apart from that, in my heacanon the Raposa world continues to exist after the ending of TNC. I guess that's everything?


Manere (Talk)

It may not count as an AU, I'm not sure. My headcanon is more along the lines of the second game never actually happening. Watersong, Lavasteam, and Galactic Jungle all still exist but were unaffected by Wilfre and were able to prosper and grow on their own. Additionally, Wilfre only lived once and never returned after his defeat. Although with his defeat, Magic in the world began to dwindle rapidly and with it, most "magical" enemies (not Baki) ceased to exist.

Also, all of that was 354 years from present and there is another island village called ForestStream where my 11 characters live.

That's a very basic explanation of it.

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