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Are Baki truly innocent?

So the impression people get from the DTL games is that Baki are innocent creatures, some even have suggested the Hero is wrong to have killed them as it was pointlessly wiping out an entire race.

But are Baki truly innocent?

I mean everytime the Hero goes up to one they try to kill him. In Lavasteam there was one with an axe who tried to hit the Hero with it.

In the Snow Gate one jumped out of a bush in order to hit the hero.

My point is the Baki are obsessed with killing The Hero, everytime he goes around one they always try to walk into him, hit him with a weapon at times so yeah.

The baki therefore I would conclude are pretty vicious creatures since they have not even seen the hero before yet are obsesed with killing it. That shows me that they are pretty vile and far from innocent, I would even go as far to say they are evil.

What are you guys thoughts?

Clayblob (Talk)

Baki feel no pain. Only bloodlust

Lila Duter (Talk)

Yeah, I think bakis are definitely more mischievous than innocent. Also, the Raposa are clearly afraid of them for a reason. In TNC, Cindi ran away from them and Isaac wanted the Hero to get rid of them so they wouldn't hurt her. They are awfully adorable, though. I'll give them that.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

Baki are probably carriers of rabies.

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