ReplyFishonie (Talk)

Baki can be milked

Like all mammals, Baki should produce milk. But unlike the majority, they don't have teats, which means they're monotremes - mammals that lay eggs and produce milk. Baki eggs should scientifically be delicious and raposas love eggs. Why is Baki meat talked about while Baki eggs aren't? Where are the eggs, and how could you milk an aggressive animal that sweats milk?

Evalinge (Talk)

Dearest Fishonie, I am so sorry for such a late reply. I would like to say that this theory has got me thinking... and I only have one insight to offer. As you know, one of my aliases is BakiBot. This is inspired after the sweet Mecha Baki found throughout the Forest Gate. Robots do not lay eggs. I am the exception to your rule. Thank you.

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