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     ReplySeanmcchapman (Talk)

Could the Raposa still be alive

So the "final" game has come to a close, but what happened to the Raposa world and them? Could there be things unsaid that could allow for another game or story to continue? What loops holes are there or theories could give way to a new game where the Raposa still exist somehow.

Things to think about

- Did mike visit the raposa world in his head? (Could Mike's soul leave his body and enter another world?)

- Where did the darkness originate from

- what fights can fight and use the darkness


- Could some one in a coma or something like one have a raposa enter our world?

Im ready for a new story!

Manere (Talk)

It's possible that they still live while Mike is asleep? Using that idea, I think another game could be possible.

BreGee (Talk)

I like Manere's idea, but there is a small problem with it. It supports the theory that the raposa are just a dream... What if Mike AND Heather dream about the raposa? And as they get older, they share the raposa with the outside world.

Sonregion (Talk)

I personally think that they were never alive. As we know by the ending of Dawn To Life: The Next Chapter Mike was in a coma the whole time when we played though both of the games. And after we defeated Wilfre for good is when Mike woke up, as the screen turned to white. And since the Raposa where never alive, just a image of the two prizes of what Mike and Heather won at the carnival, they will probably only live in Mike's imagination

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