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Cult of darkness sign up

An evil cult has risen to revive the creator's strongest enemies, Circi and Wilfre. But in order to revive them they need the artifacts of power, the book of life, and two hosts for their masters to overtake. But our heros have caught on and wont let them revive the two. They must follow the cult around the world in order to stop them.

This is a Rp iv'e been thing of for a while and is now finally ready to publish. This will be big so I invite anyone, with any oc with just about any cannon character. It's mostly first come first serve might be pickier with the characters with the bigger roles) any oc type except creator is ok.

Violence and heavy themes are ok but keep them pg 13, no extreme torture or overly sexual themes. Keep it to a minimum. Really any role play type of style is ok but novel is preferred. Of course no god modding, give people the chance to hit you. no op characters (at least one weakness).

If you'll be less active because of life that's fine, but if you are I suggest not taking the more major rolled characters. Some characters won't be around until a certain point in the rp, they can stick around after.

  • cannon Roles:
  • Creator; (The lone shadowbat)
  • Drew*;
  • Mari;(EmiRubin)
  • Jowee;
  • Heather;
  • Rose**;
  • Miney**;
  • Click**:
  • Wilfre***;
  • Circi***;


  • Vaclave*; (The lone shadowbat.)
  • Joy;(The lone shadowbat.)
  • Unfinished;(The lone shadowbat.)
  • Red and blue;(The lone shadowbat.)
  • castor;(The lone shadowbat.)
  • Ice; (Crystal Lugia)
  • Cecilia; (A.l.P.H.A The AI)
  • Marcus; (A.l.P.H.A The AI)
  • Ura; (Wazamaga)
  • Loki;(Wazamaga)
  • Axel;(Wazamaga)
  • the baki squad;(Crystal Lugia)
  • Manere;(Manere)
  • Veila;(Manere)
  • Tajir;(Manere)
  • Akito;(Manere)
  • Hunter;(BreGee)
  • Bongo;(BreGee)
  • Polly; (BreGee)

(* major role

(**major role that'll come later

(*** you might have to trade an oc (preferably a rapo) for one of these because they will use your oc as a host. you can use any cannon character that wasn't listed. You can play on the hero's side, the cult's side, or neutral. You can have as many oc's as you want, as long as you can manage them.

If have any questions, comments or concerns don't be afraid to ask. Once you claim a character I'll add your name to the list.

Update: Because not all of the major role characters have been taken I'll temporally play them until someone wants them. So if a name isn't near a character you want you can still claim it, even if you've seen me play it in the rp.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Hi, glad to see this up and (pretty much) running! :D I'll join, I may be less active because of life (this school year has been nigh-on insane so far), but I'll definitely make an effort, and try to give notice/warning if something particularly time-consuming comes up.

I think I'll go with one OC for now (more would be fun, but trickier to manage and more time-consuming). Namely Ice. He's classified as a Creation Hero, but not to the same degree as Drew. If that's okay.

Character page: User:Crystal Lugia/Ice Winters

A.L.P.H.A The AI (Talk)


I'll have Circi and two OCs: Cecilia and Marcus. Both Circi and Wilfre's children, Cecilia on the cult's side, Marcus neutral.

Also I apparently don't know how to use this damn thing!

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

@ Lugia. Yeah of course, any character type is fine.

@ Apha sounds good, any of the oc's are you ok with possibly becoming circi once she's revived? Because she'll need a hist like heather was in dtl2. I'll let you be her, just need to choose an oc that your ok with "loosing" once we get to the point she is revived.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Also, I may use my four Baki characters at some point, but they'd be more minor.

Wazamaga (Talk)

Yo Yo Yo, I am, like, not dead and stuff. I heard that this was happening and wanted to join in.

I'll play two of my OCs, Ura and Loki:


For host purposes I volunteer Loki. I also have to redo both their pages a little information wise when i get the chance.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Nice to see you around, Waz!


EmiRubin (Talk)

Hey,this looks cool,could I please be Mari if she hasn't been taken? Thank you! (Its Emily from amino)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

@ lugua, sounds good, just please write them down before you add them so ppl know. @ was. Sounds good, are you ok with wilfre then? @Emi yes you may.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Whoops sorry, the Baki don't really have names as such (I usually just call them "the x Baki", I mean the closest they have to a name is putting "Mister" in front of them, e.g. "Mister Snow Baki"), but here are the links to their pages anyway. If the name thing is an issue I can miss them out, I wasn't planning on doing anything major with them anyway, just thought it'd be fun to RP as them.

User:Crystal Lugia/Snow Baki
User:Crystal Lugia/Timber Baki
User:Crystal Lugia/Sand Baki
User:Crystal Lugia/Golden Baki

For the record: they are collectively referred to as "the Baki quad".

Wazamaga (Talk)

@Crystal Thank you thank you! Glad to be back.

@Joy Yeah, down for that. You mentioned "losing" them in the main post, like losing control over entirely right? or would we still "play" them, just possessed? I'm not sure how you have it planned out.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

@Emi. Yes @Lugia yeah that's good enough. @ Wazamaga You won't be able to play as loki but instead as Wilfre. Because wilfre is controlling him.

Wazamaga (Talk)

@Joy Ah, ok. Makes sense. I'm ok with losing Loki at some point but not so much with playing Wilfre. I'd say save him for someone else but if no one else chooses him then I'll play him.

Also since it seems thing is going to be all-out I'd also like to include this guy:
He wouldn't come in until later though, depending on where the group goes.

Man, at first I was hesitant to join, but now I'm actually pretty excited for this!

Manere (Talk)

I'd like to join! I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot with this, but I'd like to include my OCs Manere (which technically includes Veila), Kara, Akito, and Tajir. which is practically all my OCs, yay.

Here are their pages: (Be warned, some are WIP.)





Veila - (Veila is a little odd in the sense that she's more like a ghost rather than a complete character, but since she's technically a part of Manere I can't include him and not her.)

This topic seems like a lot of fun! I can't wait to start this. :)

BreGee (Talk)

Hey! May I join in too? I want to include my characters Hunter and Polly (In the form of Bongo).

Here are their pages:



User:BreGee/Polly - (She technically isn't there physically, but her soul is in Bongo. Which pretty much just makes them Polly in doll form.)

I'm very excited to join this! Also out of curiosity, where is this taking place?

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

@ waz. That's perfectly fine, I don't plan to use some characters until later too. @manere Alright, got them on. @bre, of course! As for where we'll go; we'll start in the village, then onto turtle rock for the heroes. and mainly the ship for the cult. then we'l go to watersong, lavasteam, and Galatic jungle. What order depends on how the rp goes. then after all three back to the village for the revival of wilfre and circi. then end of the first part of the rp (hopefully we get that far ^^'.

PrincessLilac (Talk)

If this is still open I would love to be Heather and Wilfre. Honestly you can stick me in any other places you want.

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