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Hey guys! BreGee here to provide a monthly update!

(...Wait. a monthly... what now?)

Oh! That's right! I don't think I ever posted one of these on the actual wiki before now! Let me take a second to explain what this is!

About once a month, I post these sort of announcements on the DtL Wiki's social media. These posts typically go over the current featured page and poll question, discuss some wiki/DtL events, monthly challenges, and every once in a blue moon I'll host a contest!

Usually, I try to post these around the beginning of the month. But I'll be honest. A lot of the time I end up posting these in the middle of the month... ^^;

Anyway, enough explaining! I have stuff to share!

This month our featured topic is the Baki U.F.O.!


BakiUFO Charge

BakiUFO Hurt

BakiUFO Destroy2

Baki U.F.O.'s are a Baki variant first found in the Galactic Jungle.

When these Baki spot The Hero, they pause for a moment, then squint their eyes and charge across the screen at The Hero before disappearing off screen.

Baki U.F.O.'s are one of the few baki variants to have tan colored fur. They are also the only Baki to have an antenna directly on top of their head rather than on their space helmet.

Click to learn more!


Hey everyone! I have some very exciting news! We now have an official Discord server! Finally, after weeks of development, it's here! Now there's a new place for Drawn to Life fans to hang out! Meet fellow Drawn to Life fans, discuss the games, explore theories, and even share your creations. Everyone is welcome to join! We'd love to meet you there!


Unlike contests, there is no award and it isn't a competition! It's just something fun! I'll give a prompt, and if you like, you can create something based on that prompt. You can start and finish each challenge at ANY TIME! There's no deadline! The only limits are that it must be DtL related, and your imagination! If you have any prompt recommendations, let me know! I can't wait to see what you can come up with!

This month, create something to do with the Galactic Jungle villager, Kamalah!!! It can be a drawing, a story, a sculpture, even a song! Whatever you like!

Did you know?

We might not know what "S.P.U.D." stands for, but it is implied that the first two letters stand for Space Police!


Hey! There's a neat Roleplay going on on the wiki! Check it out and sign up!

Forum:Cult of darkness sign up

Question of the Month:

Which is your favorite Galactic Jungle themed Baki?

Let everyone know what you think in the comments! There's also a poll on the wiki home page for a limited time, so be sure to vote!

That's all for now! Have a great month everyone!

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