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     ReplyThe lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Did Wilfre kill the previous mayor of Galatic jungle?

In the next chapter Click says that the previous mayor of Galatic jungle died without an heir but that makes me wonder if that mayor's death was the cause of Wilfre, maybe was was too smart for Wilfre to manipulate? Tell me what you think.



Spider-Baki (Talk)

it wouldn't surprise me.

Manere (Talk)

That's possible. I'd image he'd have to do it very discreetly though.

BreGee (Talk)

I think he would! Besides, doesn't sound a little convenient otherwise?

I wonder what the old mayor was like...

Touli (Talk)

Well it would make sense considering Wilfre manipulated Click to more or less be the ruler of Galactic Jungle. I suppose he wanted to rule it from the start, and set up all those "crazy laws" (even though they are insane) and considering there was a previous mayor that would probably be a burden.

So yeah its possible. It would make sense, there are a lot of clues in the story which give that impression.

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