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     ReplyManere (Talk)

Drawn to Life Wikia Spotlight Image/Caption

A while back ago I submitted a request for a Wikia Spotlight for this Wiki. It was approved earlier today, but we still need to choose an image and caption.

If you aren't sure what Wikia Spotlights are, they're basically advertisements for your Wiki. A Spotlighted Wiki shows up in the "Around Wikia's network" box at the bottom of an article page.


I can't set up a poll for this, but which option do you think would be best for a spotlight image?

AboardTurtleRock JoweeHouseFront Jowee DrawScreen

If there's another image you believe would work as a spotlight image, please post it in the comments.


A small cation is placed over the bottom of the chosen image.

There isn't a lot of room available so the captions should be short. A reference is here.

I'm really bad at coming up with these things, so the only thing I could think of was "Bring your imagination to life!"

If you have any other ideas, or if you think that caption is fine, please post in the comments.

Manere (Talk)

I like the first option (A) the most for the image. Mainly because it shows gameplay and isn't transparent.

I have nothing to say about the caption..

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

I guess A or B?  For some reason I prefer B though.  OR, if we had a [good-quality] screenshot of the first "Wilfre confrontation" at the village entrance in the first game, that might work too?

The caption you thought of sounds fine to me.  (Don't worry.  I'm hopeless at thinking of that kind of stuff too.  Which, when you enjoy writing, is really annoying, because it takes me forever to think of story and chapter names.  But that's totally out of context, so ignore me.)

Spider-Baki (Talk)

i would do A or B. C is good too but i dont think it should be transparent.

BreGee (Talk)

I agree with Crystal on this one. A and B seem to be more appealing to me. Also, the first "confrontation with Wilfre" could work as long as it's in good quality. (Because otherwise, it might be too dark...)

I know you sent it in already, but I thought I should say something anyway...

Manere (Talk)

I tried getting the confrontation with Wilfre one but the sprites look pretty bad in the village. For some reason, sprites and creations distort pretty bad in Drawn to Life on the emulator. (The Next Chapter is fine though.)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Hey, no worries! I think it's still going to be good anyway  ; )

BreGee (Talk)

So Manere, do you think we'll request for more Spotlights anytime soon? I'm just curious.

Manere (Talk)

I'd have to see what the rules regarding that are. I don't think it'd be a bad idea to request another spotlight, though.

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