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Celebrating Drawn to Life's birthday!

Wow, I can't believe the Drawn to Life series is ten years old already! They grow up so fast! So... does this technically mean today is Drew's birthday? Hmm... Or is it EVERYONE'S birthday?? ...I'm over thinking this am I? Anyway, how are you guys going to celebrate the big day? I haven't been on the forums in forever, so might as well return to them on today of all days. ^^;

Manere (Talk)

Happy birthday to the most influential game I've ever played! I almost can't believe the game has been out for a decade now. I still remember buying the game when it came out (I was really bad at the game then; I had to have someone else beat the Deadwood boss fight for me and I also stopped playing the game for over two months because I couldn't get past Angler King.) and playing through The Next Chapter in a day after it released.

I honestly don't think there'll be another game that I'll love as much as DTL.

I'd like to have done something for today, but I've spent the past few days preparing for a hurricane. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Crystal Lugia (Talk)


party hats

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