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Forums Migration

As some of you may already know, we've been working on migrating threads from this forum over to the Forum namespace. The goal is to finish the moving process by next Monday (Sep. 19), though there is no set completion date. Once we do finish, this forum will be disabled and all new replies and threads will take place in the new Forum namespace.

Edit: (Sep. 19) The forums have successfully been migrated. The rest of this post will be left alone for legacy purposes.

Why is the switch even occurring?

Wikia is planning on obsoleting the current Forums feature across all Wikis and replacing it with another plug-in, Discussions. Discussions removes many essential Forums features that this Wiki uses, making the switch impractical. In order to maintain these features, we've decided to move to our own Wiki-Text version of Forums.

Will any content be lost during the switch?

No. We're working on migrating everything to the new namespace. This includes posts, replies, images, and formatting. Everything should be right where it was by the time the process is complete. Unfortunately, some smaller features, such as Kudos, are not implementable and will be missing.

What is different?

Visually, everything is the same. Most current forum features are also the same. The only major difference is how one goes about editing and replying to threads. The "new" forums are Wiki-Text based and thus function similarly to articles or "Talk" pages.
(See the section below for more detail.)

How do the new forums work?

The Wiki-Text Forums act similarly to the old "Talk" pages on the Wiki. Unlike the old "Talk" pages, the new forums are template based. By using templates, we can ensure that all threads are easy to read and edit.
In order to leave a reply on a thread, one must click "Reply" and use the {{Reply}} template.
There are instructions within the editing menu for each thread that can be used as a guide.
You can view documentation for this template here.

When will the switch occur?

The goal is currently Monday, September 19th. This will likely change depending on how quickly the move occurs and if there are any errors along the way. The switch could also occur before this date.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please leave a comment below!

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