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Instead of a blue blazer and black tie, wilfre wears a jean jacket and a black shirt. he's my anarchist friend and hes part of the god kill society. post your own headcanons

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

This should be fun

if headcanon is what I think it is

Architect-visionary (Talk)

"Headcanon (or head canon, head-canon) is a fan's personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of canon, such as the backstory of a character, or the nature of relationships between characters."

in other words, theories and things like that

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

So would that include things like what you would come up with if you made up stories in your head and would include things like crossovers between different games and things? (e.g. stuff you find in fanfiction) I think that's right right? (sorry I'm really bad at explanations)

Manere (Talk)

Either way, things like that are what this forum board is for. :D

(And that explanation isn't bad.)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Okay so here goes...

Well my headcanon has kind of become a great big crossover of DTL, Pokemon and Super Paper Mario (which I shall just abbreviate to SPM).  (SPM wasn't supposed to come into it it just did.  Trust me...)  Okay so basically I took a character from Pokemon and when Mari and Jowee asked for a Hero, he was sent over there from the Pokemon world. (so the mannequin had no part in this but nevermind I'm still trying to work that one out.)  Well then it was like the normal storyline with the added effects/abilities that this Pokemon character could have (since they had their Pokemon with them but they didn't use them much, otherwise it would have been too complicated and not DTL-oriented enough).  That was the first game's plotline and by the end of the Wilfre had developed a grudge against this person.

In second game, it was much the same deal.  Followed TNC storyline, adding in the bits that I felt like making up myself, etc.  And then at the end, the Rapos don't die, at least Wilfre definitely doesn't, somehow most of the Rapos and their world get relocated somewhere else and Wilfre escapes being destroyed completely as well (by different means which I won't explain right now because it will be way too complicated) and he goes back to the relocated Raposa world and then from there he can use his sceptre to make portals and go and antagonise the Pokemon character who thought it was all finished.

Then SPM randomly came in to my brain and Dimentio started messing around in the storyline which I thought was finished.  I won't expound on this though because I haven't figured it out completely myself.

This is what I do when I am bored.  Make up complicated headcanon, haha......... (and sorry if I lost you completely guys)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

As for how Wilfre looks when he isn't shadow, personally I just made up that he changes every once in a while. To something different. That's normal right? (and this way, everyone's theories fit in...)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

My head canon is after Wilfre died in the first game his lair, and the area surounding it turned into shadow city, and the surviving shadow creatuers became much more animalistic.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

@Crystal Lugia yours is cool, it's basically like a fanfic idea or an alternate version of the game.

@The lone shadowbat I like urs, i have a pretty similar headcanon about the shadow. after wilfre died the shadow's weren't under his control anymore and they evolved with the natural environment and became a part of it. shadow creatures filled ecological niches, took a place on the food chain, used similar traits as plants and animals etc... its kind of related to my oc's backstory too.

here's a piece of something i wrote the other day that's also relevant to the topic haha "anyway, wilfre drew in the book of life, creating shadow creatures. but the game only states that his dark and twisted will begat similar creatures. however, wilfre drew in the book with only black ink, which made a living ink creature. It was wilfre's intent, that caused the living shadow to resist the creator."

BreGee (Talk)

What if, when Mike woke up, Heather lied to him about what happened, and instead told him he fell from a tree? ...Yeah that sounds a liitle dumb. I'm sorry.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I know this is a bit random, but I like to think that Jowee and DJ are blood related somehow, either cousins, or DJ is Jowee's uncle.

BreGee (Talk)

New headcannon! The voice Nalbis gives Jowee in his playthroughs isn't his actual voice, but Jowee does this voice to make everyone (especially Mari) think he is cool. And since that voice is hard on the throat, Jowee lost his voice a lot as a kid.

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