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How can I explain both the games (DS) in a prologue for my book?

i recently came back into DTL and thought about writing a book but the fandom is pretty small and i wanted to try to explain the plot and a little bit about the characters but theres A LOT for someone new to take in just by reading so is there any way of explaining the story from the two DS games? or should i just get the readers to play/watch it and link them to this wiki?

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

That's hard. All I can really tell you is what I'd do, and then see what you think of it.

If I were writing a book/story for DTL... well, that depends on the content of the book. If it was about the storyline of the games directly, I would probably not explain much of anything, and just get the reader to take it in as it goes. If it were about something to do with DTL, relating to the games, but not directly them, I might write a short story as the prologue that basically takes the reader through the events of the games, but only recounting major events that would be necessary for the plotline, and leave the other little "holes" to be filled in as the book I was writing progresses.

I hope that makes sense...  : ) I'm not sure how else to put it.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

maybe if you did a prologue and linked them too the wiki

Architect-visionary (Talk)

I don't have any advice but I'm glad someone is writing about DTL, good work and keep it up :)

StarryCats (Talk)

thanks for the help everyone :) in the end I wrote a bit about a few of the major characters, feel free the check it out here

BreGee (Talk)

I really like it so far! :)

StarryCats (Talk)

BreGee wrote:
 I really like it so far! :)

Thanks :D I'll try and work on it more after I finished another story

BreGee (Talk)

I can't wait to see more from it! Take all the time you need!

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