ReplyTouli (Talk)

Is The Creator a God?

Arguments for:

Created Raposa world and rules it

Is superior to the Raposa

Has power over the Raposa World- a heck of a lot of it!

I can't think of any arguments against. 

Do you guys reckon he is a God?


Id like to think thats the case. When this game first came out i started thinking that and the thought of playing god was actually unsettling. I cant remember which game it was, 1 or 2 but the cutscenes with the car accident kind of really upset me and made me think about life lol. Aftet playing both games (which were actually really fun) i couldnt shake the feeling that the player of the game is "god" kinda deep and mature for a kids game. Alot of elements were mature, really.

BreGee (Talk)

I believe so. On top of that, I kinda wonder if the Creator is not only the god of the Raposa World, but our own as well. I'm not a religious person, but I have a small feeling that that is what 5th Cell (Or at least Jeremiah Slaczka) had in mind. Although, this is just a thought.

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