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JavaScript and More Changes

I've implemented a few more features to help with functionality (as well as some other, minor, changes).
  • While a small change, the Wiki Activity page and the Recent Changes page will automatically refresh every 45 seconds, unless the feature is disabled.
  • Users who have been inactive for over 30 days will have an "Inactive" badge displayed on their user-page next to their username.
    • Along with this, the badges will now display the exact rank(s) of any user. So, Bureaucrats and Chat Mods show up under their respective titles.
  • And my favorite, the Wiki Live Chat has received a major update! "Chat Hacks" are now enabled by default and can be configured by an "Options" dialog within the window. This includes plenty of features on its own, some being:
      • The chat will now play a noise if someone says your username or any custom phrase.
      • A "Clear" button is now available, allowing you to clear the chat if necessary.
      • An "AFK" button is also available, marking you as "away" when pressed.
      • Colors and fonts within the chat window can be freely customized.
      • Tab auto-complete can be toggled within the options dialog.
      • Multi-PM is available when toggled.
      • A search bar within the chat can also be toggled.
      • And, few anti-spam options can be enabled/disabled as well.

Another minor temporary test "feature" would be custom user-page headers. I'm reluctant to call this a feature, as it really isn't one and is more of a CSS test. But either way,

If anyone wants, I can change the colors of the Username Header on their user page.

Just list any amount of colors (hexes are fine) and I'll update your page with them.

I think that's all of it. If I remember/change more I'll update this thread.

As always, please leave feedback regarding these features or if you encounter any issues with them!

Edit: Nope, custom headers are staying.

BreGee (Talk)

This may be late, but do you mind changing my header to the colors red, blue and green?

Manere (Talk)

Sure! Do you have any specific colors (hexes) in mind?

BreGee (Talk)

Hmm... let me look...

How about #EE1F1F, #2D48CE, and #1D9D1F ?

Manere (Talk)

Alright! How's that?

BreGee (Talk)

Looks good!

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