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DeviantArt Lavasteam Contest

Hi everyone! In case you don't know, I created a DeviantArt group called "DrawntoLifeForAll". On this group, I started a contest with a Lavasteam theme. It was the first contest I made, so it was kind of a test run. (That's why it didn't really leave DeviantArt) While I'm no longer accepting submissions, I'm still sharing this with you anyway. Why? Well, I have a few reasons.

A) More Drawn to Life fans can know about this awesome group!

Hey, the more DtL fans, the better! :)

B) You get to vote on your favorite submissions!

That's right! You still have an opportunity to participate! All you have to do is check out this journal featuring all of the submissions, and vote!

C) Future Contests!

This contest was pretty much a test, so it didn't spread very far. However, for future contests, I want more people to get involved. This is something that should be shared with as many fans as possible! And that includes spreading the word on here and other platforms.

Since this contest thing is still new, I'd like to hear as many recommendations as possible! How would you like these contests to be executed? What themes do you suggest? Be sure to give me all of your advice!

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Oh! I remember seeing this a while back when looking at other people's work on DA, but since I don't have a DA account myself I kinda ignored it... I've voted now though  :3

I think more contests like this in the future would be fun! I don't have any suggestions as to how they're executed, as long as as many people can submit as possible. (Like if it was based on DA, making it possible for people without a DA account to enter somehow as well. Idk how that would happen though.) For themes... well, pretty much anything would be great I guess! (The only thing I can specifically think of right now is a Baki contest...)

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