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Raposa- Dead or alive?


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Spoiler, obviously!

Yeah, that's a fun topic. They're kinda in a limbo-y state. I guess when Mike is awake they're dead and while he's sleeping they're alive..?

Something that was never alive can't really "die". So if they're just parts of his imagination then can't they continue on with their "lives" if he thinks about them or when he is sleeping?

Touli (Talk)

Were the Raposa not alive? I don't think that was the message. To begin however I think we need to discuss: was the Raposa story simply a dream or were the Raposa alive and their world too, just inside Mike's head?

If the whole thing is simply a dream, the raposa aren't alive neither is the world, its just a dream like any other then we can simply end the discussion.

However if they were alive, their world also just in existence within Mike's brain, then the debate continues, did they die or are they still around along with the world?

I however have evidence that they were alive along with their world and that it wasn't simply a dream. Well it was a dream but regardless the Raposa were alive and had feelings, their world was really there also, they just went about their daily lives inside Mike's brain.

If this is all simply just a dream from Mike, how do you explain the fact Mike does not see a lot of what goes on in the world? There are undenibaly many scenes Mike does not witness. A good example is that in the first game, before Mike was found in Rapo City Mike had not seen anything that had happened throughout the game. If it was a dream, surely Mike would have seen everything? The fact things are happening when Mike is not around is evidence the Raposa truly were alive, the only thing was this was all happening in a dream, but regardless it was truly happening.

On the other hand a theory is that Mike was The Creator. In this case Mike would have seen every single thing that happened throughout the game. Therefore this whole thing may have simply been imagination.

However, when Mike is taken back into the Raposa village by The Hero he does not know who Mari is. There are many things about the Raposa's world he does not know. Surely if he were The Creator he'd have understood everything?

Yes this is a balanced argument so on the other hand:

Mike is not specifically shown to now know as much as The Creator. From what happens, it is not completly impossible he doesn't know anything.

Sure he asks why everyone keeps asking what's wrong with his ears, but I don't think that means he isn't The Creator.

He never asks Mari who she is, she just automatically introduces herself to him. He does not appear to not know who The Hero is. Its just assumed he doesn't.

There is no reason to say he did not have the knowledge of The Creator regarding the Raposa.

Rather big post but hey its a rather big topic!

Post your thoughts.

BreGee (Talk)

Touli wrote:
 On the other hand a theory is that Mike was The Creator. In this case Mike would have seen every single thing that happened throughout the game. Therefore this whole thing may have simply been imagination.

Well, I came up with an idea a long while ago. It was that when people dream, their conscious and subconscious switch places. This idea may explain why people don't remember their dreams or what they did while they slept.

If we were to apply this idea here,then it may be possible that Mike IS the Creator. ...Subconsciously... :P

I don't know if this makes sense at all, but I thought it was worth a shot explaining.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Hmmm I struggle with this questoin too, I usually say that the Raposa are still alive (partially because I can't seem to make myself say they're dead but that's just me), it doesn't seem logical to me that a whole world would just go poof if someone (aka Mike) wakes up from a coma... on the other hand, something did happen... I wonder how Wilfre knew about it though.

In my brain Mike isn't the Creator. It just doesn't work for me that way... and it screws up all my head theories XD

Anyway in my headcanon either the world was actually permitted to go on existing, and/or it was relocated somewhere else. I also started making up a crossover in my head where Dimentio from Super Paper Mario does stuff since he's 'master of dimensions' but that was not anything related to actual theories that was just me trying to entertain myself when I was bored. That headstory isn't finished anyway.

So yeah I don't really believe the Rapos are dead or anything...

@BreGee that makes sense to me. Although most of the time if I dream something interesting I do remember it because I kind of force myself too (by spending the next ten minutes after I wake up thinking about and remembering what happened in the dream haha XD and I don't want to forget it anyway)...

Touli (Talk)

Well finding out the answer to this question, I think now we're at a stage where we need to answer: Is Mike the Creator?

If Mike IS The Creator then the whole world was simply imagination. The Raposa were not alive nor felt anything, it was imagination that Mike was witnessing occur.

If Mike is NOT The Creator, then the Raposa WERE alive the whole time. They truly felt things and this stuff was happening, it was not just Mike's imagination. It was simply things that were truly happening, but they were happening inside a dream.

And remember if the whole thing was option one that it was all just a dream/imagination nothing of the sort was happening, then the question ends as: they were never alive in the first place therefore they aren't dead either just non existent.

If number two in the case then it means the Raposa were alive and thus we can keep exploring to see whether they survived TNC's ending or not.

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