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Role play?

Anyone up for a role play?

Manere (Talk)

I wouldn't be against it if more people join. :)

Spider-Baki (Talk)


Crystal Lugia (Talk)

As long as it's on here and not on a Live Chat, sure! (I haven't got anything against Live Chats, it's just that they won't really work out for me. Due to various reasons  : / )

I'm not a very experienced computer roleplayer, though, although I wouldn't think that should be a problem... (I mean, how hard can it be...?)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Then shall we start?

Spider-Baki (Talk)

what is the main plot?

Manere (Talk)

Sure, what would it be about (besides Drawn to Life, of course.)? Twitter BigGrin

And shouldn't we make characters?

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Manere wrote:
 Sure, what would it be about (besides Drawn to Life, or course.)? Twitter BigGrinAnd shouldn't we make characters?

Woah, I didn't think of characters. I guess I assumed we were gong "as is" (as our profile characters, or ourselves, kind of? Although when I think about it that would mean I'm a Pokemon and this is the DTL Wiki, not the Pokemon Wiki... >_< )

Manere (Talk)

Crystal Lugia wrote:
 Sure, what would it be about (besides Drawn to Life, or course.)? Twitter BigGrin And shouldn't we make characters?
Woah, I didn't think of characters. I guess I assumed we were gong "as is" (as our profile characters, or ourselves, kind of? Although when I think about it that would mean I'm a Pokemon and this is the DTL Wiki, not the Pokemon Wiki... >_< )

I have no idea what we're actually doing. That would work just as fine too. xD

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Hehe, I guess it would provide a bit of variety, and variety is the spice of life, after all...

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Maybe we could do what we're doing on the "wald would you do?" page? Like we are starting a roleplay there, That actually is wat inspired me to start a role play thread. That or just andom talking, if we're doing the ladder can the steeing be shadowcity?

Manere (Talk)

Sure, how would you describe Shadow City, again?

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Manere wrote:
 Sure, how would you describe Shadow City, again?

I haven't played the Wii version of TNC, so although I'm willing to give it a shot, I'd need a description because otherwise I'll be totally disoriented.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Shadow city is a huge city filled with shadow bats and shadow walkers, along with baki that wear knight armor. It also has trash blowing in the breeze, and apperantly it's always night there.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

shadow city is a good idea. I can definataly bring out my characters personality more there.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Oh nice to know.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Okay  : )

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

So we got a setting...any plot ideas?

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Can we start by just doing random stuff, and then make it up as we go along? All together?

Also, can we all post some stuff about our characters/ourselves first? Just for a basis, if you know what I mean  : )

Manere (Talk)

That sounds good, Crystal. :D

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Okie dokes! My "starting information":

Crystal Lugia

Crystal Lugia is a Shiny Lugia (Lugia being a dual Psychic/Flying type Pokemon. This gives it certain general attributes. A Shiny Pokemon is differently coloured to others of its kind (e.g. normal Lugia is white and blue, not white and pink.)

It's roughly 5.2 m (17'01") tall, and sparkles occasionally, as Shiny Pokemon do.

Crystal Lugia can talk via telepathy. It's at home around large bodies of water (especially the ocean), and is good at flying and swimming. It can be shy though.

Crystal lugia

Spider-Baki (Talk)

my character is a Baki inventor/scientist named Grian, who invented most of the baki tech. (his most recent work is the spider legs but that wont be part of this role play.) Grian also has a large fear of shadow people yet almost no fear of raposa and the hero. Grian is one of the only Baki willing to talk around raposa. his abilaty is his tool belt which has built in mechanical arms that he uses to carry a large war hammer.


The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

My character is a shadowbat names Joy, for a while she was a close spy for Wilfre, but after his defeat she icolated herself in the depths of shadowcity.Througout the years she've seen the growth of the city, its creatures, and their behavor. She knows the city like the back of her wing.

She has a sly, and has a bit of a trollish personality, she tries to try and be sassy, point out flaws dryly, a bit bratty too, she can get humbled too by being talked into a corner. Though dispite her attitude she can be quite caring to thoughs she trust and respects, she will also humor people sometimes.

She is quite fast too when it comes to flying
Day 104 hue by theloneshadowbat-d9yye9t

The happy baki (Talk)

Hi i'm the happy baki aka Josh

I'm small happy baki that likes to have fun, I won't bite, and have this lamp-like thing that doesn't listen to me the best,

don't make him mad or very bad stuff will happen... anyways I moved to shadow city to do some sight seeing.

I moved in a nice,big,expensive, dark Hotel, and I loved the elvator music too.

Manere (Talk)

I guess I'll just be the character my Wikia account is named after. He'd look like my icon or the dark-grey Raposa in the drawing Crystal made for Easter.

Manere is just a normal Raposa who happens to have minimal control over Shadow magic. (Although, he hates using it.)

He isn't pessimistic or rude, but he isn't exactly overly happy and cheerful either.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Seems like we're all good then, shall we start?

Manere (Talk)


Spider-Baki (Talk)

The lone shadowbat. wrote:
 Seems like we're all good then, shall we start?

yeah lets start

The happy baki (Talk)

Josh got to his floor, got in he's room and layed down on his bed

Josh:ah finally let me un pack my stuff.

let's see I got my shoes my scarfs my picture maker machine and some money 5,000$ I plan to buy a shadow car.

Josh thoght this was a delightful idea, but this was a really bad idea.

Josh: or you know what mabye I should get a job first. Josh though this was a great idea but it was just

as bad as the first idea. Josh:mabye I'll just find some friends.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

(Ok then)

Joy woke up slowly in her home: A small apartment, the apartment it's self had all the rooms closed in ecept one, the only way in or out was a window with its glass intact.

She twiched her ears as her vision unblured from sleepyness, when she was fully awake the fact that she was hungry became clear to her. So she opened her windo and took off to hunt.

(Is it ok if we do novel style?)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(I don't really mind what we do  Twitter Smile  also I won't use my whole name just Crystal.)

Crystal decided to go see what was happening in Shadow City since it hadn't been there for a while.  It wasn't its favourite place to visit, due to various reasons, but it wouldn't hurt to go and have a fly-around every once in a while, if for nothing but surveillance purposes.

Hovering high up in the air didn't show up anything unusual.  Although, to tell the truth, there hadn't been anything overtly out of the ordinary anywhere around the Raposa Village for quite a while.

(Sorry if it sounds too much like something out of a book.  I write stories, so... mind you, I guess that's the idea of novel-style.  Heheh, although, I'm going to feel really awkard calling myself "it" all the time  XD  maybe I need to make up something where I can somehow sometimes transform from Lugia to RapoMe...)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

(You can use your rapo and double RP if you want, just make it clear when you're crystal, and when you're your rapo)

Manere (Talk)

Manere had been asleep. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself in the middle of a deserted city street. Shocked, he pushed himself off of the ground with one hand while the other held his head. Now standing, Manere spun around in an attempt to take everything in, stumbling a little with the sudden movement. It was night. None of his surroundings made any sense to him. "He- Hello..? Is anyone there?", he called.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(Okay, I'll think about it,  I'll probably have to introduce that later though.  And give myself a name other than RapoMe  -_-  [I can hardly go around saying, RapoMe said, "..."]  Failing that I can make another character completely, I guess.  Ehh, too much thinking  Twitter Wink  )

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(By the way, I have just realised when I began writing this that I was incorrect in saying Lugia is about 5.2 m  (17'01") tall; that's actually its wingspan.  Still, it would be pretty big, from nose to tailtip as well.)

Crystal had flown down to investigate one of the purplish-black ink pools in the city.  It looked with mild disgust at the oozy-looking substance.  You couldn't really call it water, could you?

Just then, a noise entered its range of hearing.  Is that a Raposa's voice?

Crystal made its way through the streets and alleyways of the city towards the source of the sound.  Mind you, that wasn't so easy with a 5-metre/17 foot wingspan.

"Hello?" it called out with its telepathy.  "Who's there?"

(Note:  I'm using italics when I'm 'talking' because it's not physical speech, it's telepathy.  If it's got quotation marks around it, I'm talking.  No quotation marks = just thinking.  If it confuses you though I can just do it normally.  As you can see I'm way too much a stickler for details.  XD  )

The happy baki (Talk)

As Josh was walking down the street he saw 2 dark figures he had to take a picture.

Josh:Oops, hope the flash didn't scare them away... should I go down there?

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

As she flew Joy's ears picked up the voice calling out, she looked down to see what looked like a raposa,She smiled deviously.

Food would have to wait, it's not every day she got the chance to mess with a raposa.

She flew down and perched herself on a pole behind the raposa, and with a cheeky simel she said aloud.

"why hello, hello, what's a raposa like you, doing out here, are you lost?"

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian enters shadow city with a group of baki.

Grian: shivers "shadow creatures give me the creeps!"

Ben (grians brother): "i know! i dont see why we couldn't get a job in Galactic Jungle."

Grian: "maybe we'll get it soon. i sent out the aplications to the Underground Workshop oThe  Galactic Jungle."

The baki continue to The Shadow Hotel.

Manere (Talk)

Manere thought he heard someone ask who he was, but he didn't see anyone when he looked. He decided to reply anyway, pausing first, "My name is Manere. Where are you?"

Just then, a shadow bat approached him. Manere turned to speak to the shadow creature, "Did you say that..? You can speak?", he paused again before finishing, "Yes, I'm lost. Where am I?"

The happy baki (Talk)

Josh went down  the street to meet the two shadow creaters "Hello? Hellooooooooo?" Josh called.

He went down the street shivering in fear....

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

"Yes I can speak"..." and you are in shadow city...Qute surprised you didn't figure that out, the only way in-or out is though the gates, and thoes have the city's name plastered on them."

Manere (Talk)

Manere replied, confused, "I've never heard of this place before. I also don't remember passing through any Warp Gates... Do you live here..?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

"No, I live with the creator, he sent me here to save you" Joy said with a sarcastic tone "....OF COURSE I LIVE HERE!" She exclaimed "and I thought you raposa were supposed to be smart" she mumbled under her breath.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: looks out the window and sees a raposa talking to a shadow bat. "thats odd."

Ben: "what?"

Grian: "theres a raposa talking to a shadow bat outside." looks at ben "i didn't think raposa ever came around here"

Ben: "well at least we know its not just shadow creatures."

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal was behind one of the larger buildings in the city and came just close enough to hear the conversation between the Raposa called Manere and the shadow bat.  It was about to come around the building, into full view and interject something in the conversation when another Raposa's voice came down the street.

"Aah, where the potato am I now?" the new voice said.

The happy baki (Talk)

Shadowbat, rapo who are you two? he aksed as he shivered in fear

Please don't eat me shadow bat I don't  taste good,I want to take a picture of you and your friend, not to get eaten by you.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

A few seconds later another Raposa came walking down the street with a somewhat confused look on their face.

"That's an interesting crowd," they remarked.  "A Golden Baki (with a camera no less), a Shadow Bat, and another Rapo!"  After a few seconds pause, she continued, "...this just keeps getting weirder.  I've got the strange feeling that you look familiar.  I've absolutely no clue why though..."


(the one thing that makes this roleplay hard for me is the fact that everyone's on it while I'm sleeping.  heheheh.... the joys of time zones.)

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "now theres another raposa and a baki" sees a glimps of Crystal's wing. "wait whats that?"

Manere (Talk)

Manere laughed a little and returned the sarcasm, "Oh, well that's lovely. Thanks!"

He repeated his previous statement, mostly out of confusion, "I've never once heard of a shadow city. Is there anything I should know about this place?" Manere, having heard some distant talking, paused to look around then resumed in a whisper " —Besides the fact that there's a lot of shadow everywhere...?"

Not a full minute had passed before two more figures emerged from the surrounding darkness — a Baki and another Raposa. One looked confused while the other looked frightened. They both spoke, but Manere could hardly process what anyone was saying. Instead, he just greeted them reluctantly, "Oh, uhm... Hello..?"

(Yeah, that must get annoying. Luckily none of this is time sensitive! :D )

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: stares hard at the wing "ok im gonna see what that thing is"

Ben: "be sure to bring the belt just in case"

Grian grabs his tool belt and leaves the hotel.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

The new Raposa blinked but didn't say anything for a few seconds.  Then she said, "Hi... um.. are you called Manere?"  Then rapidly followed up with, "You all look familiar which doesn't make any sense at all because I'm sure I've never met you before.  I also don't know why I had the name Manere pop in my head.  I was in Twilite Wood or something and then this Treepet came hurtling out of nowhere and somehow I wound up in a tree and then managed to fall out of it and hit my head and when I woke up I was lying the street here.  Now I can't really remember anything before that."  She grimaced.  "And I broke my... whateveritwascalled.  I can't remember the name of it."

After another second's pause, she grimaced and added, "Sorry.  I'm kinda stressed right now.  That really didn't come out the way it was supposed to."

Meanwhile, behind the building...

Crystal didn't know that it had been spotted by Grian but it had heard the motormouthed Raposa and decided that it should introduce itself to the group.  Well, it had been meaning to do that earlier, but its shyness kept it back a little.

A couple minutes' listening had been enough to settle it though, so it poked its neck and head around the corner of the building, and said, "H... hello?"

Manere (Talk)

Manere didn't say anything for a moment then sighed, "This entire situation is strange. I don't know how I got here either. Last thing I remember I was at home.", he looked up and smiled a little, "Don't worry about it! I'm sure we'll figure this all out, no matter how strange." Manere looked to the side, "You said you broke something. Are you alright?"

Manere was getting ready to say more when he heard yet another voice from behind. Due to the darkness, he couldn't see who spoke. Pausing a moment, he replied, "Hey..? Who's there?"

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

"I thought I was dreaming at first, until I realised I wasn't," the motormouthed Raposa gave a slight grin, saying, "Oops!  I didn't break myself.  I broke something I had with me.  It was kinda like a flat black box, but I can't remember what it was called.  I don't know where it's gone either.  I guess that doesn't really matter though because it broken anyway."  Then she heard the voice too and her ears perked up.

Crystal Lugia gave an inward sigh and came around the building into proper view, but kept its wings folded.  Because it was big and white, it stood out against the surroundings, and at that moment it also gave off a slight sparkle, adding to the effect.  It looked totally out of place with the dark and shadowy surroundings.

"That was me," it said, bringing its neck down to a hieght more level with the Raposa.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy nearly lost her ballance when the...Thing revealed its self, it was big, white, and shiny. Whatever it was, Joy didn't want to take a risk ,so she relaxed her arms a bit, so if she neded, she could take off easily.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian comes up by the biulding and sees the thing was talking to the raposa

Grian: mumbles "great now in order to see what it is, i have to go by a shadow bat."

Manere (Talk)

"That's relieving." Manere said flatly, keeping his gaze transfixed on the darkness beyond as he responded to the Raposa. Manere watched as something approached the group. He had never seen, or even heard, of anything like it. Things just kept getting weirder.

Manere didn't know how to feel about this, he wasn't feeling much at all, actually. He remained stationary as a few others stepped back. The creature spoke again.

It didn't seem too threatening. Manere laughed quietly out of fear and confusion.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal mentally sighed again. It had expected this kind of reaction but all the same it had kind of hoped it would be slightly less tension-filled. Apparently, its size and look were against it.

The unnamed Raposa's ears stood straight up. "I know what that is! It's a . . . uh . . . I forget."

"I'm a Lugia - a kind of Pokemon... although, you probably don't know what that is..." Crystal clarified. "My name is Crystal Lugia." Seeing the mixture of fear, confusion, and apprehension on the group's faces, it blinked and continued, "I'm not going to do anything to you! I'm not Shadow Lugia." It nodded to the Shadow Bat. "No offence."

(By the way, there is actually such a thing as Shadow Lugia .)

Manere (Talk)

Manere directed his focus toward the other Raposa, "Wait. You know what those are? How have I never seen, or even heard, of them before?"

Manere looked back towards the creature and it spoke, introducing itself, more or less. He couldn't help but to chuckle at the last comment it had made.

He was too confused to think, surely he was dreaming. "So, what do we do now?", he inquired. He was tired of confusion and the flood of questions in his mind.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

The unnamed Raposa cocked her head and frowned. "I don't know. I feel like I should have known, but I couldn't remember." There was a pause. "To tell the truth, I don't remember much of anything from before I smacked my head."

At Manere's last question, she blinked and added, "I guess I should really tell my name, but I can't remember it! Except for my initials!" There was a rather sheepish grin on the Raposa's face now. "So... um... call me... Jak!"

(Jak is the same as Jack. Without the "c". And yes, I know it's a boy's name...)

The happy baki (Talk)

hay look a real rapo let me go greet himidehe giant white thing.....

Hay whats up? (says it in a scared tone) M-may I m-m-may I take a picture of-of y-you?? PLEASE DON'T EAT ME SHADOW BAT.

why did I come down here? that was a bad idea...

now I going to get eaten alive!!!

Manere (Talk)

"Alright, well. Hopefully you'll regain your memory soon, Jak." Manere said half smiling, trying to hide his confusion with the situation.

Just a few moments later, Manere caught sight of a Baki approaching the group. He was about to say something when it spoke instead. He mumbled then laughed again, "A talking Baki...?"

It begged not to be eaten by the Shadow Bat in the group. Manere didn't speak and instead stared at the bat through his peripheral vision.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "ok man you got this" steps out of hiding "um uh... hi."

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Eyes turned to look at the new speaker - a Grey Baki.

"Um... hi," Jak said.

"Hello... who are you...?"  Crystal Lugia blinked.    I didn't expect to be meeting so many new... characters when I decided to come here, it thought.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy looked at the frightened Baki, she almost laughed at it's atempt to not get eaten, this was the exact oppisite thing a creature should do to not get eaten, she would've gone against his pleads if it wasn't for bakis being strong fighters, there being two of them, some big "lugia" that had teeth, and and two raposa that, if they sided with the baki, could make her goal ten times harder, plus with her starving, in toher word, not in her A game, she decided to against the idea, instead she figured it would be a good idea to actuallly hunt. 

For easy prey.

So she flapped her wings a few times, getting ready to take off.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: looks at crystal. "im Grian. um uh i saw you out my window and was wondering what you were?"

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal bent down its neck to look at Grian.

"I'm a Lugia, a kind of Pokemon," it said.  "You don't find Pokemon here by nature.  I can't remember how I got here, but I've been here for a quite a while. Usually I tend to stay out of sight though.  My name is Crystal Lugia, although, you can just call me Crystal if you prefer."

It looked around at the group and noticed the Shadow Bat getting ready to fly and said, "Where are you going?"

Manere (Talk)

Manere kept his eyes on the Shadow creature and mumbled in a hushed tone, "You don't know how you got here..?" he raised his voice some and looked at Crystal "Why does that seem to be a reoccurring theme?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy looked back at Crystal " I'm going somewhere else, I'm hungry and I don't have all day"

She then looked down at Manere and considered his words "he's right, they're probpbly clueless to what this place is too." She thought, "Maybe I should help them" The idea of trying to keep these guys together almot made groan outloud.

There was no way she was going to be there tour guide. So she went with the best option, just give them the basics.

"Ok listen up! I'm only going to say this once so perk your ears!" She started, "If you weren't born to live here you'll die without thse words, even then you could die." Her tone was clear and crisp, she looked over the group before exhaleing deeply.

"If you want to get out of here there are five gates scattered about this big city, the closest I know of is about 15- 20 miles east of here, so I'd try going there tomorrow, your goal now should be two things, find shelter, and find food. The city is littered with rats, and baki, and on the outskirts of the city wild banya grow there, again you'd want to go east. You'd want to find shelter before the moon sleeps, there is no sun here, once the moon is gone it'll be darker than shadow goo. you have about nine hours, good luck."

Joy then flapped here wings a bit before taking off. She hoped that these guys would take here word, instead of her wasting her breath, they..mostly seemed like a ok, group, though why she found them cool was the thing that was stuck on her mind...

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal Lugia looked at Manere, "Well, I've been in this world long enough to know my way around most places fairly well, within reason."  Then it nodded twice after listening to Joy and looked around at the rest ot the group and said, "That's right, although if you want to try getting to the gates or outskirts of the city faster, I could probably carry you there once I find a big enough space to take off from."  It paused.  "And assuming you're not too afraid of heights... or me.  On the other hand, if you want to wait until tomorrow, that's fine too.  Even if it gets dark though, that won't bother me, I have a way of making my own light if necessary."

Jak looked around.  "To the east, to the east," she said, "which direction is that anyway?  Usually I'd tell from the sun, but... Ican't really do that right now..."

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "well i dont wann be here when its darker than sadow goo so im going home. bye"

Manere (Talk)

Manere listened to Crystal and the shadow bat. The shadow bat seemed eager to leave, but Manere still needed answers, "Thanks for that, but hold up. There are five Warp Gates. Where does each lead to? We don't need to end up someplace worse than this.", he said flatly to the shadow creature.

He diverted his attention to Crystal, "That's great. Light won't be an issue, then." he paused slightly before his last word; making it seem to be an afterthought. He continued talking to Crystal but spoke up so that everyone else in the group could hear, "I think we should go to the outskirts first instead of heading directly toward the gate. Besides, there's at least some food there and you should be able to find enough room to take off."

He turned to Jak, "What do you think we should do?"

Before Jak could answer, Grian started walking away from the group. He stared at the Baki for a short time before speaking, "Oh? You live here too?", he asked, trying not to sound rude. Shadow City was the last place Manere would want to spend any amount of time in, it surprised him that anyone would want to stay here.

The happy baki (Talk)

Uuuh Hi, I have a hotel room it's  very nice  and I have a lamp _/●\_

Lamp:Hello dummys

Josh:Comon lamp no need to be rude

Lamp:Anyway What do you want

Josh:I need you to light up so we can see whare were we are going...

Lamp:whatever, Pretty soon the world will be mine!

Josh:keep dreeming buddy, every one fallow me, To the Hotel! (room)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak stared at the... lamp...  "Uhh... dummy yourself, potato-brain.  Come to think of it, do lamps even have brains...?"

Crystal half-closed its eyes.  "I don't see how that's going to help you take over the world... after all as I said, I can make my own light, and it isn't that dark yet anyway... I thought we were going to the outskirts, where the Banya is."  After a few seconds pause, added, "I have the slight doubt I will fit into a hotel room anyway..."

Jak then looked back to Manere.  "I'd prefer to get to the outskirts, rather than sticking in here.  There's also probably less chance of being jumped by something like a Shadow Walker there too."

(stuff the italics.  I keep forgetting them anyway.)

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: looks at Marere. "i have to live here for a job im doing. beleve me there are other places i'd like to go." turns around and starts walking toward a hotel. "anyway i gotta go ill see you guys in a..."

Sudenly a blast of light shoots past the baki's ear.

Grian: "what the?!"

everyone notices a raposa riding on a hover board and shooting shadow creatures with blasters.

(plot twist!)

The happy baki (Talk)


Josh:Lamp calm down


Josh: STOP IT NOW, He didn't mean it...

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak then snorted in an attempt not to laugh.  "That's okay, it's really quite funny... I've never had a conversation with a lamp before..."

Crystal just sighed and decided not to take up the lamp's challenge.  Lugia wasn't classified as a "Legendary Pokemon" without a reason and it really didn't feel the need to start a 40-day storm or blast the buildings away within a twenty-metre radius right now... or at most any time, in fact.

Besides which, there was something of more importance drawing attention right now: namely the Raposa with blasters.

"Who's there?" Crystal called out.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

the raposa ignores the yelling of Crystal and yells towards a dark alley

Mystery Raposa: "my position's been compromized! i need backup!" 

two more raposa jump out of the alley with blasters.

Raposa 2: "you had to take a closer look, Terris?"

Terris: "sorry Kablo!"

The happy baki (Talk)

  • Lamp looks at 2 new raposa*



Lamp:I SHALL KI--- (runs out of battery)

Josh:NO! *Grabs lamp runs behind Spider- Baki* 

Josh:What do we do?

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: pulls a large cube from the back of his belt. "im going in!" presses switch on cube expanding a long metal pull making a hammer then grabs it with the mechanical arms on his belt and charges the raposa.

Kablo: "Terris look out!"

Terris: "i see him!" fires a blast a Grian and shoots the hammer out of his hands.

Kablo: "we need to get out of here." turns to third Raposa "Grey! you and Terris move ahead ill hold the shadows and baki off!"

Grey: "yes sir! lets go Terris"

Shadow Creature: "dont let them escape!"

Manere (Talk)

Manere was about to reply to Grian when — well — something happened. Apparently, one of the Baki had a talking lamp. Not only did the lamp speak, it threatened Crystal. Manere wasn't sure how a lamp could do any harm worth noting on its own.

He assumed that the Baki was just a master ventriloquist. There was no way he'd believe that a lamp could speak.

Following that, three new Raposa made an entrance. One yelled something about needing backup, acting as an agent of some sort. Manere kept quiet, not knowing what to expect. Barely moving his head, he whispered to Jak, "Is this actually happening?"

The guards were firing at Shadow Creatures. Manere looked around for the Shadow Bat, not wanting it to share the same fate.

As he was looking for the Shadow Bat, Grian rushed forward at the Raposa and was fired at. Luckily, the Baki seemed to be uninjured. As quickly as the "attack" began, it had ended. Manere heard something yell in a distorted voice as the Raposa fled. He looked around uneasily and spoke to no one in particular, "I'm ready to go to the outskirts now."

Lila Duter (Talk)

((Woah, hi! Hey, know I'm late, but I was thinking of joining this RP. I'm thinking of just being Heather from the DTL series if that is okay with you guys as I don't really have an original character prepared.))

Meanwhile, Heather was hiding in an abandoned building in the city; observing the creatures and rapos outside interacting. She had just woke up and found herself in the city with Jowee and Mari nowhere to be seen. She had no idea how so got there. She only remembered another Wilfre nightmare that she had dreamt last night. She was completely terrified and hid in the abandoned building, poking her eyes above a shattered window watching her surroundings. Seeing the shadow bats and shadow creatures only made her more scared. Her eyes welled with tears. Was this Wilfre's doing? She had thought the Creator had rid of him for good, but could he have returned to seek vengeance? Why was she here? Was the village okay? She just wanted to see Jowee and Mari again.

Seeing other raposas and a baki there in a similar situation gave her some sort of comfort, and the majestic white creature fascinated her. She wanted to go out there and let them know she was there. Having company would definitely relieve her fears and the shadow bat had mentioned something about a gate to get out. Suddenly, some sort of attack happened. Scared, she ducked wondering if whoever was attacking would find her. When it sounded like the attack was over, she peeked out the window to see the rag-tag group still remaining. She sighed and wiped her eyes. She had to get over her fears because those guys were probably her only hope of returning to the village. Slowly, she exited the old abandoned building and hid behind a trash can, continuing to look at them from a slightly closer distance. She held back. Should she bring herself out into the open so she could see them? What if they were a trick by Wilfre or something? She shook her head. She had to come out. Slowly the little rapo stepped out from behind the trashcan.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy was about to answer Manere's question, but then the attack happened, things went almost too fast, she emedietly flew off to avoid the attacks on her,

She needed to get ot higher ground.

As she zigg zagged up one of the blasts hit her right leg, she fell onto one of the roofs by crash landing.

About a minute later she finnaly recovored by her daze, she shook her head and pushed herself up to look over the roof and the alley. She scannaed the sene, every one was everywhere, she then glanced at the young raposa, reconizing her so fast Joy almost thought she was seeing things.

"Heather" Joy Couldn't help but say quietly.

"How is she here, WHY is she here?" Jou thought, she would've thought about it more if it wasn't for a tiny squeek cating her ear.

Finnaly, lunch for the shadowbat is here.

(It's fine lila, glad you're joining.^^ Sounds fun to have a cannon charater(s) also should this Rp be pre DTLTNC, or post and we just ignor the whole dream ending? I vote for post.)

(also finnaly getting Joy's little lucnh problem over with XD)

The happy baki (Talk)

Lamp:mmmmmus-ssst Ha ha, Get get get b-b-bat a battery HAHAHAHAHA,

Josh:yep he's lost it, *sees spider baki get knocked down, runs to spider baki*

Josh:are you hurt? Should I carry you to safety?

Lila Duter (Talk)

((I agree, it should be post and we should ignore the dream ending))

Manere (Talk)

(I vote for post. I know it's redundant, but I'm glad that you're here too!)

Manere couldn't find the Shadow Bat anywhere, but he did see someone else moving away from a trashcan. At first, he thought that maybe it had been the source of the horrible yelling earlier, but that had come from another direction.

It was much darker than before. Manere could hardly make out any details, but it appeared to be a young Raposa. They seemed terrified. He tried calling out to them, "Hey? Are you alright—"

The young Rapo became illuminated by the dying lamp. The light was only there briefly before it flickered and went dark again, but it had been enough time to see who stood in front of the group. Manere recognized them immediately.

"Heather?", he stuttered slightly, "How? That was over two centuries ago— I—", he shook his head and sat aside his confusion, "I'm assuming you don't know why you're here— or what this place is, either?"

Manere tried to read the expressions of the people in his group. He sighed, "Someone told us about a Warp Gate far to the East. We're going to head there once we find out where it leads, you're free to join us." He stepped back, he didn't know what else to say.

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather was happy that Manere would let her tag along, and it gave her a bit a relief. She smiled in the dark.

"T-Thank you! Yes, I don't know how I got here. I don't remember anything after I fell asleep, just a nightmare..."

Heather felt her neck. She wished her red pendant was not there, it had often comforted her in times of trouble. She wished Jowee was there, Mari, CrazyBarks...

She shook her head. Now was not the time for such thoughts. Now was the time to be brave and find her way back home.

((BTW thanks for the warm welcome guys))

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(Woah.  The fun stuff always happens while I'm sleeping.  -_-   And yeah, post sounds best, considering where I sourced Jak from... [the What Would You Do If...? thing])

Jak stood and stared whilst everything was happening.  Then, with nothing better to do (and it being her natural reaction to any kind of stressful situation) she burst into hysterical laughter.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa... ha... okay, I'm done now.  Pretend that didn't happen," she said finally.  "Umm, so I'm totally confused.  Who were those Rapos shooting at Grian anyway?  What on potato day do they think they were doing??  Shadowbat and Grian are trying to help us, is that not kind of obvious?  If only for the fact that I'm not running away from them screeching my head off...?  And what's Heather doing here?  I think I'm going to go bump my head again, then maybe I'll have a brainwave and everything will make sense..."

Crystal Lugia had been very confused during the whole "attack", not only because it had no idea what was going on, but also because it was trying to decide whether it should intervene or not, and in what way.  Thankfully it seemed to be over now.  Although it was mystified by the appearance of Heather...

Crystal snapped back to the present after hearing Manere talk.  It nodded at his words.  "We should definitely get going as soon as possible.  This is turning into a chaos zone."

Lila Duter (Talk)

((Quick question, so all of your characters all know who Heather is and Heather all knows who you all are?))

Manere (Talk)

(I'm not sure about the others, but my character lives over ~100-200 years after the events of the last game. He'd know Heather because of books and school, but I don't think Heather would be able to know who he is.)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(I guess everyone would know who Heather is, I think we'd have to introduce ourselves [at least, I would my characters] to her though. THIS MEANS that Crystal has been in the Raposa World for at least 50-150 years. Ha, that helps my internal timeline a bit  :D )

Over her momentary rant, Jak looked at Heather and grinned. "...oh, and I'm being rude. Hi, I'm Jak! ...actually, that is my initials. I forgot my name...."

Crystal also introduced itself to the shy Raposa. "I'm Crystal Lugia, but just call me Crystal."

(if Wilfre ever gets involved in this though, can I play him?  :D )

Lila Duter (Talk)

((Okey dokey, I just needed that cleared up. And I would mind you playing Wilfre if he shows up. I think he should show up, it would be fun!))

"Hi Jak. Hi Crystal." She waved at them and smiled shyly. "M-My name is Heather."

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy sat near the edge of the roof looking over the group while tending to her injured leg, it didn't seem broken, but it definetly hurt, she then looked around her, letting her situation settle in:

She was no longer hungry, but she had a damaged leg, witch ment clumsy flying for creator knows long, she did have a group of people that seem like they coutld trust her, but she could be wrong. She looked up to the sky, dark heavy clouds seemed to start littering the sky, as she noticed this, a cool wind brushed against her dark purple fur, sending a chill up her spine.

This along with the weather of the past few days told her exactly waht would happen soon;

Rain, lots of it, most likely a storm.

A bad storm.

She knew how to handle a storm in this place, but these guys didn't, she had to warn them.

The shadowbat then jumped off the roof spreading her wings wind and started flapping, with her leg out of commistion her usual steady path was jagged and floppy, but she was able to keep herself in the air...Somewhat.

She flew ahead of the group, and clumisly landed on a post.

"Before you guys go, I have to warn you about something...." She started.

Manere (Talk)

Manere continued to look around in case something else, good or bad, showed up. He didn't hear much, just the sound of thunder in the distance; he saw even less due to encroaching the darkness. He listened as Crystal and Jak introduced themselves and realized that he failed to do the same. He turned around to face the Rapo, "My name's Manere. I hope I didn't confuse you earlier.", he still didn't have much to say.

Minutes later, he saw the Shadow Bat from before fly from a building near them. He was relived that they were mostly uninjured.

The Shadow Creature began to warn the group of something.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Heather nodded, wondering why these raposas knew her name. However, it didn't matter much at the moment.

Heather was startled by the appearance of the shadow bat. She had seen some of them flapping around in the Snow Gate when she had been held by Frostwind. However, she was offering help and the others seemed to trust her, so she listened intently.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

As Joy had been flying towards the group, Crystal had also looked up and sensed the change in weather.  It frowned.  Lugia was a Pokemon that could control the weather somewhat; it could both cause storms and stop them - so naturally, it was now aware of the imminent storm.  I hope I didn't have something to do with that.  Occasionally, a Lugia's power would actually give rise to an unintentional storm.  By the same token, it could calm that storm, though, so it wasn't usually a problem for too long.

In Crystal's case, however, it had never really managed to master the weather-controlling technique properly, either for creating or stopping storms (a fault that it had been trying for at least a century to correct), so the encroaching weather could still pose a problem.

"I do believe that there is a storm in the offing," it said.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy nodded seeing some attention directed twords her, "Shadow city doesn't get rain often, but when id does rain, it RAINS." She started, putting greatemphisis on 'rains.' "Being out in the open will lead to being sick, allies flood, and lightining storms rule, It's a mess here when it storms, I guess the only good thing is that Shadow goo is too thick to evaporate, so you don't have to worry about getting hit with the stuff."

(Joy would know Heather for having to gard  her cage, and when she had to spy for Wilfre, and I'm fine with Wilfre being a possibilaty, the timeline would be pretty off for joy, but I'm fine being flexible, also Lila, How did I not reconize you at first?)

Lila Duter (Talk)

((What do you mean?))

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak blinked.  "I like rain, but I do not like being sick.  I also don't like being drenched.  Hmm, all right, what do we do?"

Crystal really wished it had perfected the art of storm-stopping right now.  "I don't mind being in the storm, it won't have any effect on me, but I don't think anyone else here will enjoy the experience."  It thought about telling them it could attempt to stop the storm, but decided against it.  Maybe later, it thought.  Better not to take a risk anyway.  "But, I can make a kind of energy shield around you, like a protective bubble, that will stop any wind and rain from getting to you."

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

(Diviant art, you watch my profile (The lone shadowbat) Sorry I wasn't that pesific)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

(You know I may actually double RP myself, I have a hero OC, how would you guys feel if I put him in?)

Lila Duter (Talk)

((I wouldn't mind.))

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather looked up at the Crystal creature. "A sheild, w-would that hurt you? Maybe... we should just go in one of those abandonded buildings and rest there..." Heather shivered. The storm looked ominous and reminded her too much of the darkness that had once covered the village.

The happy baki (Talk)

I have a hotel room, we can settle thare for the night...

It is LITERALLY down the street from here, my bed is not king sized...But monster sized,I don't know why...

(are the the rapo with blastes still there?)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(Fine with me!  Are triple RPs possible?  If they are, can I... no, I'm just kidding  ; )  )

Crystal shook its head, "No, making a shield is quite easy for me, it doesn't require much energy at all."  It frowned at the Golden Baki.  "I don't think I'll fit inside a hotel, even if there is a monster-sized bed..."

Manere (Talk)

Manere laughed, "Not even the rain here is safe. Shame. I was happy to hear the thunder earlier.", he paused, "Well, if it really gets that bad around here, we should start looking for a large enough abandoned building for Crystal. Sorry, uhh.. Josh, I think I want to avoid meeting any new people if I can."

Manere took a few steps, "We have two sources of light — three if we can find something for that lamp, so nightfall shouldn't be an issue. We should hurry. There are plenty of buildings down this street."

The idea of having a shield was comforting, but Manere viewed it as a last-resort.

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather looked back, "Well...I was hiding in an old abandoned building, there was a really big hole in it where Crystal might be able to fit through, but it's on the first floor... we might be flooded..."

Spider-Baki (Talk)

meanwhile Terris Grey and Kablo run towards one of the exiting gates.

Kablo: "go in im right behind you!"

just as Terris and Grey get through a wall of shadow goo forms in front of the door to keep Kablo from escaping.

Kablo: "well frick" grabs a hover board from his back and flies away while shoting shadow bats and birds to escape.

at the abandoned building.

Grian: wakes up. "what happened?"

The happy baki (Talk)

Josh:Grian...GRIAN! Your alive! you got knocked down from a blast...BTW

that cube thing was amazing! how it turned into a hammer like that, I'm just,just amazed.

who made it?

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "me and my brother, Ben." looks at the door "speaking of which, i need to get home" notices heather. "who's this?"

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather smiled a bit and waved at the raposa. "My name is Heather. I woke up here and I don't really remember how I got here..."

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "nice to meet you heather. im Grian" starts toward the door. "anyway ill be going now. cya guys later." heads to the hotel.

(btw grian's a baki)

Lila Duter (Talk)

((lol sorry))

She waved as the baki headed out. She was amazed at the fact the there were bakis that could speak, but at this point she wasn't going to question much.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

"Welcome to the party then" Joy said to Heather flatly."...I know that place, it was were a shadowbat colony lived, no worries now though, it's abandodned now, if you're able to break the door to the fire escape you could go to the upper levels, but I don't know how stable thoes levels are..."

Meanwhile near the warp gate, a tall light blue creature blisfully strols across the outskirts, as he walks he noticed the two raposa attacking the two shadowcreatures, "!! Wait!, don't hurt them!" He yells.

(So this is unfinished, He was, well, an unfinished creation hero, the creator found it unmoral for them to kill him so he sent Unfinished to shadowcity in hopes he'll beable to pick off the shadowcreatures, while unfinished was there he met up with Joy, and she took him in and helped him get settled, as he lived in the city he grew to understand the shadowcreatures as the living creatures they were, soon he swore to protect them, because of this he doesn't trust the raposa or the creator, pretty much anyone who wants the shadow to die.

He is quite innocient in nature, but very nieve, easily tricked, he doen't like fighting, , and would do anything to stop a fight, he is what you would call a shadow wisperer( yaknow, dog wisperer, shadow wisperer) He can calm down an angered shadowcreature easily, kinda hippieish)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal and Jak watch Grian walk away.  Then they listen to what Joy says about the building.

Upon mention of the breaking of the door of the fire escape, Crystal said, "That won't be a problem, I should be able to break it easily."

Jak's ears twitched up as she heard faint shouting in the distance.  "What's that?  There's more yelling and blasting going on."  She looked around at the rest of the group and said, "Should we go and have a look at what it is?  Or get into the abandoned building as soon as possilbe..."

The happy baki (Talk)

Abandoned Building frist, I had enough of them rapo with blasters....

also in the building I could tell the history about the lamp,it's very interesting. (aka the summary of the lamp,I know I should have done this

a loooong time ago,but...I did't.)

Manere (Talk)

Manere agreed with Josh. He didn't feel like getting caught in a dangerous storm. "Let's not worry about it. We're already at a disadvantage. If it comes to us we'll be able to deal with it, but for now...", he trailed off, shrugged, and started walking towards shelter.

The happy baki (Talk)

who else wants to go with us?

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather decided to go with Manere and Josh. The clouds were gathering rapidly in the sky, blotting out any stars. Being stuck in a such a downpour that Joy described didn't seem particularly appealing. When they got to the building they looked for the fire escape that Joy was talking about.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy followed the group, once they got there she landed on a shelf "There" She said as she pointed to a door that was boarded up.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Neither Jak nor Crystal felt like being stuck in the storm either (Crystal being relatively unbothered by it but wanting to stay with the group anyway) so they followed along to the abandoned building as well.

"So much for the abandonedness of the building," Jak said.  "It's not so abandoned when it's got us sitting around inside of it."

Crystal looked at the large door that Joy had indicated.  Yes, it was boarded up, but that would pose too much of a problem for the Pokemon.  After looking around at the others in the group, it said, "All right, stand back a bit," and then turned its full attention to the door again.  It glowed white for a second and a silver ball of energy formed in front of it; Crystal than sent the energy ball at the door, effectively breaking it open and opening up a clear way to the upper floors.

"There you go," it said, and then immediately felt awkward for having to use some of its power in front of.. well... anyone.

(BTW that silver ball thingie was the Pokemon move Ancient Power, it is Rock-type, has 60 power, and has the chance of raising most of the user's stats by one when used, and... and I really shouldn't be rabbling on like this.  Sorry!  >_<  )

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grey and Terris notice the unfinished hero but dont know what it is.

Grey: "Terris try to find Kablo ill hold the shadows and... whatever that is off."

Terris: "yes sir." leaves to find Kablo.

Manere (Talk)

Manere watched as Crystal fired a ball of energy at the entrance way. Up until now, and due to how quickly everything had been happening, any new abnormality had mentally drained Manere. This, though, excited a part of him more than it should have.

He gave a short laugh and briefly covered an eye, "How did you do that?", he raced through a few questions before stopping, "Was that magic..? —But what was used as a source..? Can you all do that?"

He hadn't acted anything like this since he arrived in Shadow City. It was obvious he had many more questions.

(It's fine Crystal! It's probably best to explain anyway, even if you think it's rambling. :) )

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal folded its wings, blinked, opened its mouth to say something, and then shut it again.  "Um, I, that was..."  It was rather apparent that the big Pokemon wasn't particularly good at explaining things.

"I know, I know!"  Jak said excitedly.  "I remember now!  It wasn't magic per say, but it was a Pokemon move.  All Pokemon can learn moves, which are also known as attacks or techniques, which moves can be learned varies depending on Pokemon species.  All moves have Types, just like Pokemon all have Types, there are 18 Types, anyways, each move is classified as either being Special or physical depending on its characteristics, unless they're support or status moves, and damaging moves all have a different power level.  Some moves also have secondary effects."  The Raposa looked up and twitched her ears with a sudden frown on her face.  "...and please don't ask me why I know all this."

There was complete silence for a few seconds, then Crystal nodded slightly.  "That move was called Ancient Power.  I chose it because it was one of relatively low-power options in my movepool.  That barrier I was talking about, is another one of those techniques, but a non-damaging one."  It paused and thought again for a few seconds.  "I don't really know what the power source for special-classed moves like Ancient Power is.  Sometimes it seems to be from your own mental power, other times, I suppose you're just charging energy and firing it.  Honestly, I'm not sure.  Physical attacks are more straightforwards, I guess."

(Okie doke, I guess it does make it easier for everyone else when I explain because then people actually know what I'm talking about... : )  .)

Spider-Baki (Talk)

while Grian walks back to his hotel he notices a Raposa sitting in the shadows.

Grian: "your the one they called Kablo, right?"

Kablo: "whats it to you?" looks at Grian. "oh yeah your one of the Baki in that odd group Terris desided to take a closer look at."

Grian: "why did he shoot at me?"

Kablo: "he wasn't aiming for you." looks at the ground. "a shadow jumped right in front of him. believe me, if he was aiming for you, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Manere (Talk)

Manere was walking toward the newly opened entrance when he overheard a distant conversation. He couldn't see anyone, but it sounded like the Baki and one of the crazy Raposa from before.

He glanced at everyone in the group, "Do you hear that?"

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak's ears twitched up as well. "Yeah, my hearing isn't too shabby. Although, it seems to be a bit far away. All right, what do we do? Keep going into cover or check it out? I mean, there's still that great whacking storm coming..."

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I heard it too "I'll check it out, I'll be able to easedrop easier."

With that Joy followed the talking.

Meanwile, at the gate, Unfinished saw the raposa come up to him "Raposa, of couarse!" He groaned, "Don't hurt them,their kin will come back for revenge if you do! Don't hurt this ecosytem!" He cried.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grian: "so why were you guys here in the first place."

Kablo: "can't tell you that"

Grian: "what can you tell me?"

Kablo: "well... you got a cool belt."

at the gate.

Grey: looks at the unfinished hero. "i've taken out shadows befor, i think ill be fine now. what are you?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

"I am Unfinished, and I am the self-proclaimed protector of this city, now, move aside raposa, I can calm them down without hurting them!"

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grey: "unfinished? you need a beter name." points his guns at the shadows "and shadows are evil. if your protecting them, how do i know your not evil too?"


Grian: "i know! your a police officer from the galactic jungle!"

Kablo: "what makes you think that?"

Grian: "oh wait. your not an officer anymore."

Kablo: "and what makes you think that?"

Grian: "i got a note from the Underground WorkshopoThe Galactic Jungle saying the mayor was dead and the police stations are being shut down by the new mayor."

Kablo: looks the baki in the eye. "your lieing. if it was true i would have been told so."

Grian: "ok come with me, ill show you the note."

Manere (Talk)

Manere watched as the Shadow Bat took off before he replied to Jak monotonously, "We should take cover. The storm has already begun; we need to worry about ourselves first." He started to walk to the shelter.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

"All right," Jak followed Manere through the busted door and up to the higher levels.

Crystal hesitated before doing the same since Joy had mentioned the upper levels might be unstable and it was bigger and weighed a lot more than the Raposa but then decided it would go up anyway.  It would just be careful where it walked.

Still, part of it wanted to follow the Shadow Bat outside to see what the commotion was.  If there was one of those blasting-frenzied Raposa, then it would feel more comfortable if it went along as well in the case the shooting started up again, but it reasoned that Joy was more at home here than Crystal would ever be.  Besides, the presence of a large, white, potentially-dangerous creature would probably just end up making things worse anyway.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy finnaly got into earshot of the conversation, when she did she hid behing a garbage can to not be seen.


"Shadows aren't evil, they only seem to do evil things when they have no other choice, when they're on a leash." Unfinished then felt water hit him, and emedietly reconized it as rain, he then looked at the two shadow creatures puzzeld, "why were they here? Why weren't they taking for shelter?" He said under his breath, then he realized another thing "Why isn't the shadow bird chasing the shadowbat?" "This doen't make sense...." he said not too quietly.

The happy baki (Talk)

Hay do want to here the history of the lamp?

and how I found him?


Manere (Talk)

(That'd be cool, Happy Baki.)

Once further in the building, the group had stopped. Manere turned to Jak and broke the silence, "What do you think this place really is? How — why — are we here?", he paused, "This is nothing like a warp space, and we didn't arrive via a gate. There isn't even a warp gate that leads anywhere like this back home!" Manere continued his rant, "—And how's Heather here?", he paused to think, "Wait, Jak. You said I was familiar, right? Heather, Shadow, Wilfre; that all happened over two hundred years ago for me. What if you know me because of something similar..?" He laughed at his own statement.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(sounds good to me  : )  .)

Jak cocked her head.

"I'm not sure," she said finally.  "Let me see.  This place, at least this general physical area, is called Shadow City.  It's not technically a warp space or gate, but maybe this whole area is actually dimensionally unstable, which could somehow cause a shift in the time-space fabric, and if two different dimensions with similar characteristics (or even no similarities at all) were to overlap, the dimensional fabric might get tangled and then whatever's in it might get..."  she realised that she now had completely lost herself and everyone else.

"Never mind," she said quietly.  "I rabbled again.  Okay, let me try again, in a more sensical manner.  Ummm... I'm not sure where you're from," this part of the statement was directed at Manere, "but then again, I'm not sure where I'm from either.  Like I said, I don't remember anything past whacking my head in whatsamajiggy place in the Forest Gate.  I remember all this weird random stuff like..." gestures to Crystal, "but I don't even remember my name.  It doesn't make a jot of sense.  As to why you're familiar... it's probably because of something before I whacked my noggin.  As a matter of fact, I'm inclined to believe that this is all just happening in my head because I bashed it, but obviously that can't be right because it is indeed actually happening!"  She laughed at herself. 

Then she yawned.  "I just realised though, that I'm totally drained.  I don't suppose there's a chance of me being able to sleep.  I'm somewhat of an insomniac, and loud storms don't exactly offer the best sleeping atmospheres.  I guess I should probably have some kind of rest before I have complete mental exhaustion, though."  Jak sat on the ground and proceeded to nod off.

Crystal listened to the large talking session.  Then it said, "I've been in the Raposa world for a long time.  I wasn't around when the whole event with Wilfre happened, though, of course I do know the story."  The Pokemon blinked.  "As I said before, I don't recall how I got here, although now that I think about it, I think I was swimming in the ocean at the time, if that makes any sense.  If perhaps there was some kind of thing such as what Jak said that led to us all being put here, we could maybe make sense of the situation, but in that case, I do not understand why Heather would also be here.  Two hundred years is a very large gap of time to bridge."

(Sorry!  That post is MASSIVE!)

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Grey: still pointing his guns at the shadows. "what doesn't make sence is you. why would they hide from the rain? and what do shadow birds and bats have to do with anything?

at the baki hotel

Grian: enters his room "hey Ben im back."

Ben: "it took you long enough. what was that thing outside that you went to see?"

Grian: "something called Lugia." looks at Kablo who was standing at the door "ill go get the note."

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather listened to the discussion about dimensions and the crossing of universes. She began to realize that she was in the future and that her village, most likely, did not exist anymore. Jowee, Mari, Crazy Barks, and the rest of the Raposa that she considered her friends were dead in this world. Even if they got out of Shadow City, she would have nothing to return to...

The overwhelming reality of her situation made her begin to sob uncontrollably in front of everyone. She tried to make herself calm down by convincing herself that maybe there was a way she could get back, but she was unable to fully believe it. Everyone one would probably assume she was dead and would never know what happened to her. She sat down in a ball on the floor, crying into her arms.

Manere (Talk)

Manere buried his face in his hands, "A Warp Gate to Shadow City never existed in our world. Never. From the first gates to the ones made by later generations, Shadow City was unheard of. The Warp Gates can't move beings across dimensions anyway; only within them.", he stopped, "There isn't an Eternal Flame here."

He looked up, breaking out of his unstructured haze, "I'm from ForestStream. An island ruled by a king. Does that sound familiar at all?", he glanced at Crystal who, apparently, had been in the Raposa world for a long while.

He turned to see Heather crying. Manere hadn't heard her before now; he was struggling to keep focus.

"Are you alright..? What's wrong?", he realized it might have been something he said, then tried his best to remedy the situation, though his attempt wasn't the greatest, "I'm sure we'll all get back home. This is all just a confusing mess, but we'll sort it out. I'm certain."

He looked around and spoke to everyone, "Maybe we should discuss what things were like before we arrived here. Having a general sense of time will could help." he paused "And if, somehow, we're from different timelines we'll find out."

Recalling what Jak had said, Manere looked down again and spoke quietly, "You were in the Forest Gate..?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy saw the baki and raposa walk off, not feeling like going out into the rain she decided to go back to the group, when she go up stairs she sighed quietly seeing that the the floor was stable enough to hold crystal, she then heard Heather quietly crying, she looked at heather, then back at the group. "Uh...Did I miss something?" Then she heard what Manere said.A low rumble of thunder mader her think if she should tell them the begginning of shadow city or not.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Crystal cocked its head and thought for a moment.  "ForestStream?  I've definitely heard of it, but I don't think I've been there myself - although I might have come close once or twice."  It looked sadly at crying Heather and wished that they were in the Pokemon world, where it could find Dialga and Palkia - the Time and Space Pokemon - and get them to solve the mess.  But of course that wasn't an option.  They had to work with... well, what they had.

At the last suggestion, it said, "That's probably a good idea.  Background information could help a lot."

Jak was snoozing.  But she was a light sleeper and Manere's quiet words woke her up.

"I was having a weird dream.  My ears were strange," she said groggily.  "Whatever, forget about it.  Hmm, let think again, I was in the Forest Gate - Twilite Wood, to be exact - and got chased by a Treepet, conked my head and smashed my-" she paused and her ears stood straight up "-I remember now!  It was a laptop!  Now why on earth did I have that with me?"  Realising she'd gone off on a tangent, she continued, "I don't remember how I got to Twilite Wood.  I don't remember anything before that either."

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather shook her head and wiped her eyes. She felt silly for crying, now they were staring at her. They were probably just as scared and confused as she was, but they were calm. "I'm sorry..." she sniffled standing up. She had stopped crying, but still felt a little shaky. She looked out the window. Thunder pounded loudly in the distance, making the building shake a little. Drops of rain began to fall from the sky, a few at first, but then it came down in a torrent, pounding on the window. They seemed more like pebbles than drops of water. She watched the rain in a sort of amazement.

The happy baki (Talk)

hay guys this rainy day will be perfect for a story (cutting every one off)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy climbed up onto the window Heather was looking out, and cracked it open just slightly, letting in the cool air, she put her back against the air letting some of the rain hit her back and fur.

She Knew Heather better than anyone here in the room, witch was probobly why Heather's down mood brought her down too.

"Do you....remeber me?" She aske Heather. "I was that shadow bat that talked to you when Wilfre kept you captive."


Unfinished felt the Rain Hit him, it was a down pour," This is why they would hide from the rain" He said Ignoring the raposa's first remark on him not making sense "You raposa my not see it, but shadows like these can get hurt and sick, like any other living creature, and die" he told the raposa, with a slight strain in his voice.

Then he looked at the shadow bird, it looked ready to attack, Unfinished acked quick before things could go worse.

He jumped in between the raposa and shadow with his hands behind his back, and wings pressed against his body, before gently letting out a hand to pet he bird's beak, then scratching beind its jaw bone, calming it down imedetly.

Unfinished let out a light hum as the bird seememingly purred at the petting. "You see, if you give them kindness, and patience, you will get kindness and patience back...But if you're hostile....Well, I'm prety sure you saw." He said quietly as he turned to look at the raposa.

"Also, Shadow birds eat shadowbats, So it didn't make sense to why the shadow bird didn't chace the shadow bat, or why the shadowbat didn't fly away."

Manere (Talk)

Manere, still looking down, replied to Joy, "Yeah, I guess. I don't know what to say, though. We're just trying to figure out this mess." he lifted his head and changed the topic "What did you find?"

Jak had awoken and replied to Manere. He looked off to the side and laughed, "Treepet? You're saying they're real?" he centralized his gaze, "I thought they were a myth." He hesitated, "I guess they could have existed, but that would have been long ago. Even if they were real, laptops wouldn't have been invented yet." He contemplated before speaking again, "So, there's still magic in your world, then? What's that like?"

Manere was preparing to provide a brief history of the world he was from when Josh interrupted everyone. Though discussing the past was a vital step in solving the enigma, Manere couldn't help but feel relieved.

He feigned happiness in an attempt to hide his discomfort, "Yeah... I wouldn't mind a story. What is it of..?"

He scanned the room once again. Seeing the Shadow Bat comfort Heather brought him a little ease. With this, he began to trust Joy more, "You two know each other, huh?"

Lila Duter (Talk)

She nodded at Manere, "Yeah, when I was captured by Frostwind, she brought me food when I was hungry and trapped in the shadow cage." She turned to Josh, "Yeah tell us the story about the lamp!"

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

"My legs seemed to think they were real," Jak said, "or else they wouldn't have been running so fast."  She grinned sheepishly.  "Maybe my eyes thought they were too real as well, because they were too busy looking at it instead of where I was putting my feet."  Pause.  "I'm not sure about magic though.  And I don't think that here... or there... or wherever... is 'my world', as you put it." She tapped herself on the head.  "It's just a feeling, but because I can't remember anything from... the before, I'll call it, I have no idea whether or not it's true.  Don't stay up wondering about it, though, I'm sure it'll get fixed along with everything else when we manage to figure everything else out as well."

At Josh's remark - "A story sounds cool.  As long as it's not too weird or freaky.  I don't think my brain will be able to take that at the moment."

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

She then addressed Manere's question, "by the time ig to there the people who were talking were walking away, and I didn't feel like going in the rain, soo....."

"A story sounds ok," she said as she curled up a bit, getting comfortable.

"And yes...My name is Joy" She said, she realised that she never really intoduced herself to the group, not even her name, if it wasn't for Heather, well...who knew how long until it got out.

The happy baki (Talk)

"ok umm OK"

Josh said as he stood up

Josh: the story starts off with a king and queen over a 100 years ago had powerful lamp that was the protecter of the kingdom the 3 ruled over the kingdom together...

Than a theif came one day to steal the lamp and it's power..

But faild greatly......

so the kingdom lived happliy ever after till the lamp was lost one day and the king and queen

looked every where for him

but I found him and we where frends to the end!

the end... So the _/o\_ is over 100 years old, wow fun fact!

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather tilted her head, "What happened to the kingdom when the lamp was lost?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

"Well that was....Anti-climatic.."

The happy baki (Talk)

"After the kingdom lost the lamp"

Josh said as he turn he's head lookig at heather

"I don't know or care,

what I DO know is that the same king and queen are not there

It has been 100 years you know"

Manere (Talk)

Manere laughed a little, "So... It's a magic lamp?"

After awhile, he yawned and sprawled back, "What are we going to do?"

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

"Huh. For something that's supposed to be the protector of a kingdom, it has quite an attitude," Jak remarked quietly. Then she looked up and crossed her arms behind her head. "Well, I wouldn't mind going back to sleep, if it's possible. I'm still feeling pretty tired." She paused. "..and by the sounds of it, you could probably do with it as well. Although I could be wrong."

"I don't have any particular suggestions for things to do," Crystal said.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Terris: enters the building "you should rub it and see if a genie pops out."

(forgot all about Terris didn't ya?)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(apparently, we did.)

"Uhh... I don't think it's that kind of magic lamp," Jak says.

Spider-Baki (Talk)

(Terris is one of the gun blazing raposa)

Terris: "no harm in trying. anyway have any of you guys seen a brown haired armored Raposa?"

at the hotel

Kablo: reads note "...frick... why would click shut down the S.P.U.D?"

Grian: "S.P.U.D?"

Kablo: "space police undertaking D.O.T.R.O.T.P.O.T.U.S.F."

Ben: "it sounds like the mayor really liked acronyms."

Kablo: "it says here that the old S.P.U.D. will be replaced with a new and improved S.P.U.D. which will be asigned with protecting the Galactic Jungle." looks up from note, "if thats the case why not just call us back to the city to get an upgrade?"

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Joy reconized the raposa as one of the one with a blaster, with that kolage she scooted herself backwards so then she was behind Heather.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

"Hey," says Jak, "you're one of those shooter guys. Hope you didn't come in here to pop the floor. It's already unstable enough as it is."

Crystal wasn't sure what to think of the more recent arrival; after all, he had just been shooting all over the place outside. Then again, there was probably for a reason for that, so it decided to wait for a bit to see what the blaster-toting Raposa would do before deciding anything else.

Manere (Talk)

Manere nodded to Jak and prepared to sleep. He didn't know how much time he had spent in this realm, but it had been long enough to drain him completely. He estimated he had been in Shadow City anywhere from seven to twelve hours. Regardless of how long it had been, it felt like an eternity.

"Home" began to feel like a distant memory.

Manere allowed his mind to wander as he lay down. A strange mix of frustration and determination overcame him as he thought of becoming stranded, unable to return home.

Finally, he slept, though only for a few minutes before being awoken by a stranger's voice. Looking up, Manere recognized the source of the sound as one of the Raposa from the attack before.

Confused, Manere watched for a moment before groggily standing. Positioning himself in front of Heather and Joy, he finally replied to the Raposa, "No. We haven't seen anyone. How did you know we were here?" He scanned the Raposa, checking for a weapon.

Lila Duter (Talk)

Heather was watching the storm when she heard the Raposa enter. He seemed vaguely familiar to her, but couldn't quite but her ear on it...

She suddenly realized it was one of the Raposa that had been at the shooting attack. She leaped up and moved toward Joy, letting her scoot behind her. She stared at him with alert eyes as Manere and Crystal confronted him. If he had wanted to hurt them, he probably would've done so already, but she still felt a little uneasy about his presense.

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