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Recently the topic of a new RP came up in the Live Chat... no one's made a forum post about it yet though so I figured I would...

Personally I think I new RP would be fun, I don't know what it'd be about though. Joy had a potential RP topic, but I'm not gonna say what it is/was because it was her idea.

Whatever you think, post below, whether you think it'd be fun or not, potential topics, whatever. If no one replies to it this post can just hang in the air for the rest of eternity... I think a new RP'd be fun, but don't really mind either way... so, yeah, yup.

BreGee (Talk)

I honestly thought nobody would ever start a new rp chat. It's awesome to see it come up again! I really wanted to join the old one(s), but I procrastinated so much that it ended before I could try.

I don't really have any topics, but I just wanted to say that I might consider joining in in my free time! I don't really care if the topic/plot is serious or not. So if the plan is to save the world, okay! If it's to go on a picnic or something, that sounds okay too!

Manere (Talk)

That could be interesting, hopefully we get more people to join in! I'm kinda in the same boat as Bre, in that I might join if I have free time. I don't really care about the plot either as long as it's open-ended enough! It'd give me a chance to use characters I didn't get to (or didn't have much time with) last time. Maybe Tajir or Akito? (or both, lol)


Crystal Lugia (Talk)

That sounds good! I don't really mind the topic either. partially because i am unable to think of a specific one myself bahahaha
Well, even if we don't get heaps of people to join, we can always bulk it up by using as many OCs as possible... right? (and that way everyone gets a chance to do everything with everyone)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

sorry I took forever, but I finally got thing sorted out. I worked with some of the people from the amino and they love my idea. we fleshed out the idea aand am about to post it. And nyes, invite and use as many ocs as you want. I want this to be BIG. I have the whole plot laid out.

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