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Roleplay 2?

I know the last roleplay kinda went flat, but I don't wanna restart it there in case it revs back up. Would anyone be interested in creating another one with a different story line while we wait?

Manere (Talk)

Sure, I wouldn't mind. :D

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Go right ahead  : ) Jak and Crystal will be waiting...

Lila Duter (Talk)

Cool cool :-) Should we continue to be in the Raposa world while after TNC? I'm thinking of still being Heather or some other cannon character. I'm not exactly sure about a plot, but perhaps a treasure hunt of sorts? What are your thoughts?

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Sure, sounds fun...By any chance I could be Circi then?

Lila Duter (Talk)

Sounds good to me. So are we going with treasure hunt story or something different? We could do something more dramatic like a Raposa apocalypse. What do you guys think we should do?

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

I don't really mind what we do, as long as it's fun for everyone  : )

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Treasure hunt sounds fun.

Lila Duter (Talk)

(Cool! I think I'll just start with something and we'll go from there?)

Heather walked to the beach. She hadn't had a nightmare, but tonight she just had trouble sleeping. She sat on the sand, watching the waves roll up onto the shore. The sky was clear and dotted with stars, but the horizon was glowing with a faint orange light, as the sun would be rising soon. It was a beautiful sight. Looking out she saw something bobbing in the water... a bottle? The bottle washed up onto the shore and Heather walked towards it. Picking it up, she saw it was sealed with a letter inside. What could it be? She headed back to the Village, she wanted to show Jowee what she found.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(sounds good to me  :D )

Crystal Lugia had been swimming in the ocean, when it saw a small object drifiting past - a bottle. It decided to follow it and find out where it ended up.

After a couple minutes, it watched as the bottle was washed up on the shores of the Hidden Beach. Then, it saw Heather come and pick up the bottle, taking it back towards the village.

I wonder what's inside, Crystal thought. Then it dived back into the deeper waters of the ocean. It would come back to the village when the sun was a little higher in the sky.


Jak woke up - to find that she was in front of the Forest Gate.

"Why?" she said, to no one in particular, and rolled her eyes to heaven. Then she got up and started walking in the direction of the Raposa Village - she knew where it was.

(I assumed you meant the hidden beach, sorry)

Lila Duter (Talk)

(yes, I did mean hidden beach)

Heather scurried back to Jowee's house. Unsurprisingly, Jowee was still fast asleep, snoring heavily. Heather knew he didn't like to be awoken at early hours, but this was important. She shook his shoulders a bit.

"Jowee. wake up!"

Jowee shifted in his bed, "Uh... can't eat... another bite..." he blinked, "Heather... what's going on?" he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

Heather show him the bottle. "I found it on the beach and I wanted to open it with you!"

Jowee seemed excited. "Yeah, go ahead, let's see what's inside." Jowee got a bottle opener and the cork popped off. A sheet of old, faded paper slid out. Heather unraveled it.

"What is it?" Jowee asked.

"It looks like... a treasure map!" The paper showed a world map, with a dotting line going around to a place marked with an 'X'.

Jowee looked out the window. The sun had started to come a bit more. "Woah, we should go to the village and find Pirate Beard, he might know more about it." Heather nodded and followed him outside.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

(ok : ) )

Jak wandered down the path, heading towards the centre of the village. As she ambled along, she saw Heather and Jowee come out from Jowee's house, holding a tattered piece of paper. Being paper, it immediately attracted Jak's attention, and she picked up her pace as she switched directions and began to head towards them instead of the village centre.

. . .

Crystal burst to the surface of the ocean, scattering water drops everywhere. It looked up at the sky, and decided that in a few minutes, it would head towards the Raposa Village to see how all the Raposa were going.

The happy baki (Talk)

Josh woke up to do some HARDCORE WORKOUT with the lamp

Josh: Careful lamp you could break something.

Lamp: More like you could break something!

Josh: whatever,hay look jowee and heather, let's go see what thay are up to....

Lamp: I did a scan (yes the lamp can do that) And thay seem to have some sort of map?

Josh: let's meet up with them

Manere (Talk)

Veila woke up in a strange place.

Standing, she looked around taking in her surroundings. Everywhere she looked, she was surrounded by a thick fog illuminated by a seemingly all-encompassing white, light. She seemed to be in a room, though the walls, floor, and ceiling were invisible. The "room" was almost completely devoid of detail except for a single Warp Gate ahead of her. "I guess it worked then.", She said as she walked near it. The doors of the gate moved with her approach until she stood in front of a fully opened gate. She paused for a moment, preparing herself, then leapt through.

In that same instant, she exited from another gate, leaving behind the Warp Space and entering the real world.

Veila looked behind toward the gate she had exited from and noticed that a thick forest enveloped the area. She stared in confusion at the vines that covered the Warp Gate. "Where am I..?", she mumbled.

Turning away from the gate, the Raposa followed a nearby path. It wasn't long before she caught sight of another Raposa who seemed to be walking towards a small group. Veila called out to them.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

A raposa named circi headed to the entrance of the village, looking up to the sign she sighed as she had finnaly gotten to her destanation.

As she entered she saw a baki with a strange...thing, she looked back and forth, trying to see if anyraposa knew of the stray baki, befor walking up to it.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak's ears pricked up at the sound of someone else's voice. She swivelled her head around to look behind her (but kept on walking).

"Hello, who are you?" she called back. Then, because she wasn't watching in front of her, she proceeded to trip over a rock on the ground and fall flat on her back. "Oops!"

. . .

Crystal's silvery-white wings were spread wide as it skimmed over the blue surface of the ocean, heading for the shores of the beach near the Raposa Village. Time to see how everyone's going!

Manere (Talk)

Veila laughed quietly while offering a hand to help the stranger up. Still smiling, she responded, "I'm Veila. I was hoping you could tell me where I am."

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Jak grinned sheepishly. "I'm Jak," she said. "Nice to meet you. Umm... you're in the Raposa Village, and if you came from where I came from, you came from the Forest Gate, which is right over there." The last part of the sentence was accompanied with a point in the gate's general direction.

The happy baki (Talk)

Lamp:I feel as if something is coming

Josh:Really......nice prank Lamp

Lamp:not a prank,really like look

Josh:fine [Looks behinde]Oh,Hi there little raposa...My name is Josh I won't bite....

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