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Story sample

hey some of you know about the story for the 3rd drawn to life i've been writing and i thought i'd give you a sample.


            Mari, Jowee and the Hero hear a loud crash outside and exit the building.

         Outside, the Villagers watch an armored Raposa crash into a few buildings, then the floor.

           Jowee: walks up to the armored Raposa. “a S.P.U.D?”

           S.P.U.D: “uhg. That’s gonna leave a mark.”

          Jowee: “hey Click. I like the new upgrade to your hologram, but why the heck did you crash it here?”

        S.P.U.D: stands up. “I’m not Click.” Takes off helmet revealing a young Raposa boy with brown hair. “I’m no hologram either.”


so thats it. so far the entire story is turning out really well so i hope 505 games uses it if they make a new drawn to life game.

Manere (Talk)

That's really cool. Where are you posting it to when you finish? :D

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Manere wrote:
 That's really cool. Where are you posting it to when you finish? :D

i was going to email a copy to 505games when i was done.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

This sounds fun  :D

Spider-Baki (Talk)

Good news! After a while of inactivity, (Due to life) i am glad to say that I'm getting back to work with this project. though it will not be the same as i originally planned. i will release an update later on but for now just know that this project still exists and i'm gonna be working on it more in the near future.

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