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Theories of the World

So, as of now, I believe that the world of drawn to life exist in the mind of Mike. Mike is the only human in the world and is referred to as an adult. However, if you complete the second game, you get the end slide scene which shows that Mike is a child whom went into a coma after a car crash, and he is shown to have a sister, Heather. This makes sense as the opening of Drawn to Life 2 is you describing "A dark and stormy night." The whole sequence is a therapist talking to Heather in Mikes hospital room. The drawing is an attempt at a drawing of the car crash. Heather is trying to talk to Mike through the Creator, but it is garbled and scrambled. In the end of the second game, there is text of Heather saying the following: "God, please bring my brother back to me." This is the FIRST TIME IN THE ENTIRE SIERIES THAT REFFERES TO GOD INSTEAD OF THE CREATOR. This line is a silent prayer spoken at the bedside. After this line, the screen flashe white and the slideshow starts. Mike is waking up from the coma, and coming back to Heather, his sister. And we get a last glimpse upon the two dolls that sparked the dream of drawn to life. The Mari and Jowee dolls that were won at the carnival. The same carnival that the parents died on. 


Now, I think that Wilfre (Spelt Wrong) might be Mike's fear of the dark personified, as once the darkness comes, it creates a bleak and monotone world. A world of fear and monsters. But that's just a theory. A Drawn to Life theory. Thanks for reading. Now, I've only played the second game, but reading up on the forum gave me some insight. Please don't stop your search for facts here. Check some other pages for more info. I LOVE THIS SITE.

Also heres a picture of Jowee

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