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Updates and Feedback

As many of you probably have noticed, the Wiki looks a lot different than before!

I've been trying to update and implement some features to streamline the flow of things around here, and maybe encourage new users to contribute, whether it be editing or just adding to the community. Some changes are just cosmetic while others updates are much larger.

This thread is mainly meant to update everyone on these changes and to receive feedback regarding them.

  • The first item is fairly obvious, seeing as they're being used in order to view this thread, but Forums have been updated and are now more comprehensive.
  • Each article now has a comments section to allow casual conversation, questions, or anything regarding edits. (A more open talk-page!)
  • While more experimental, a village map has been added. I plan to add more over time, but anyone is free to contribute to the current one.
  • Tabbers have been redesigned! They're more transparent and out-of-the-way and just look nicer than before. I have to thank the Don't Starve Wikia for this one.
  • Along with tabbers, the entire Wiki theme has been updated to match the game a little more. There's still a lot that can be tweaked, so it's a work-in-progress at the moment.
  • Some new chat emotes have been added, there'll be more in the future and these current ones are experimental: (Jowee) (Baki) (Palette)
  • The Wiki Nav-Bar holds a bit more than before.
I may have forgotten a few, but that's the current list of changes so far. Please leave feedback telling me what you think of everything, or leave some suggestions!

BreGee (Talk)

Good job Manere! It looks good so far! But I do have a few things to mention. First off, the home page looks bad on mobile and Tablet. Second, do the new chat emotes work? If so, they don't seem to show up here... Also one more thing, may I change the links to blue? I think it would make a better contrast to the rest of the wiki. (But that's just my opinion. It's fine this way too.)

Architect-visionary (Talk)

seconding blue links, as it is the dark red links are indistinguishable from black text

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Haha, I was confused when I opened the browser and everything looked so different!  :D

Manere (Talk)

Yeah, go ahead. As for the mobile home-page, could you post a screenshot? Has it always been that way or has the issue started today?

Edit: And yeah, the new emotes work! For some reason the preview doesn't display on that page but they do still show up in chat. (A little fuzzy, but I can fix that.)

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Sorry, I know I was going to help with that (the emotes), but I completely forgot about it...

Manere (Talk)

Don't worry about it! Those were just tests, you can still come up with some if you'd like.

BreGee (Talk)

Manere wrote:
 Yeah, go ahead. As for the mobile home-page, could you post a screenshot? Has it always been that way or has the issue started today?

Sorry... it just looked odd in the preveiw... I just checked the tablet home page. That one looks okay. As for the mobile, I really have no clue what it looks like...

Again sorry...

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

I can't check what the mobile looks like 'cause I don't have a phone XD haha.

Manere (Talk)

It's alright! I found a way to emulate a mobile browser using Chrome.

And yeah, it looks awful.

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