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     ReplyBenDingo (Talk)

What icon should be used for a 'Tips' section?

It's always nice to offer some helpful hints for gameplay in articles for the DTL series. But what icon should represent the section? So far I have used both Jeremiah and Ability secret but I think it would be nice to have Samuel's head as he offers this kind of advice throughout the series. What do you think?

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I like the idea for Samule's head.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

Samuels head works. My ideas are a book if it's not already being used for something else, or an exclamation point.

Manere (Talk)

Books are used for the "Story" section on some pages. Although, use of that section should be depreciated, so it should be fine to re-purpose the icon for tips.

Edit: The second icon you're suggesting, Ben, is already used for some headers.. ^

BenDingo (Talk)

Oh yes, I know that! I was the one who put it there :)

I do like the NoteIcon that you used! Perhaps a vote would be the best option to get a collective answer...

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