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What would happen without wilfre?

I think that they'd be happy and eat banya 'till they got fat. Then Mike would wake up

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I'm pretty sure it'd be pretty close to what you said, though Mike and Heather probobly wouldn't be present, and Mari and Jowee's relationship would probobly wouldn't be as strong also, or would take a lot longer to get to the amount of tust that is seen in the game. Also, Galtic jungle would continue the path it went, unless Wilfre was responsible for the previous Mayor's death. Hmm.....

Architect-visionary (Talk)

IMO, due to the nature of the raposa world being a dream, Wilfre is an intrinsic part of the world that can't be removed. He fills in the archetypical destroyer who opposes the creator, and is also a bogeyman for Mike's fear of death. So if Wilfre (and the shadow) had to be replaced, I think it would be with.......... sentient trucks.

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