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     ReplyCrystal Lugia (Talk)

When did you first discover DTL?

When did you first find DTL, from where, and how long have you been playing it?

I got mine secondhand, from an EB Games store.  I think it was a bit under three years ago.

I've been meaning to ask that question for a while now...  XD

Manere (Talk)

I bought Drawn to Life from a Walmart around 2008 or so. (I'm not exactly sure when, but I know The Next Chapter wasn't released yet) So, I've been playing DTL for around 8 years.

I remember having to decide between getting the original or the Spongebob spin-off.

I did not get the spin-off, and that's a good thing.

ReWilfre (Talk)

I bought Drawn to Life from FNAC (a technology and gamers shop) in 2007 (I think November). I remember the first time I launched the game... I was still in the Shopping Mall :')


(I never, NEVER thought about buying any spin-off.)

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I first heard of it via ad online, it was something where you color drew I believe, I asked my parents and later that Easter I got TNC. I was 8 sooo2010.

BreGee (Talk)

The first time I actually REMEMBER hearing of DtL, I was looking through DS games online (for a Christmas list I think) when I came across 2 games. Super Scribblenauts, and Drawn to Life. I only wanted to write one down, and I chose Scribblenauts. The summer afterwards, I was watching a youtuber and I realized he played through Drawn to Life. After I watched the first episode, I then decided I wanted this game. I honestly went with my gut on this. I barely even knew anything about the game at the time... I the recieved it as a christmas present that same year.

It was almost 2 years ago since then.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

I got it for christmas in 2007 ^^

PrincessLilac (Talk)

I wanted the first one but I ended up getting the second one for Chirstmas in 2012. I fell in love with the plot and characters ever since.

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