ReplyBreGee (Talk)

Who is YOUR creation hero?

Hero Alpha

Did you ever draw the Box-art Hero?

Who or what was your first creation hero? ...And your Heroes after that?

Did you use any of the hero templates? If so, which ones?

Did you ever draw yourself as a Hero? ...Because I did... :P           In fact, It was the first Hero I drew. (Mostly because I was feeling uncreative at the time...) I even drew myself in the outfit I was wearing. When I got my hands on The Next Chapter (DS), I decided to do the same thing. Then I realized that I was wearing the exact same shirt. Needless to say, it's now my favorite shirt. XD

BenDingo (Talk)

I don't think I can remember the first hero I ever drew... I remember drawing lots of penguins. I tend to just make up characters on the spot, like a green monster in a sweater vest and round glasses, and in the next chapter, I made a zombie character with the one leg mannequin so he looked like he staggered about. And in the app for Drawn to Life, I am my dingo character!

Manere (Talk)

I just used one of the default presets and named it "Jake".

Touli (Talk)

i drew a horrible guy and just named him "choc".

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

I drew myself  : ) in my favourite clothes (which aren't very fancy they're knee-length shorts [because I hate those things that they call shorts which are... well... too short to even be shorts] and a purple hoodie. hah)

BreGee (Talk)

I once made a shadow version of Drew as my Hero. His name was Bloto...

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I once drew myself, I also drew Lloyd from ninjago, I made my hero OC, and I made a "i".

That's all I remember.

Evalinge (Talk)

I drew a baki!

5MagmaFurries (Talk)

my first one was a really simple one made almost exclusivley with the fill tool - he shared my real first name (and eventually I redrew him as a recolour Sonic OC like the weird kid I was)

currently, I've made Hero 1 be a version of an OC I have designed to be the avatar of the player in a game and for Hero 2 I'm doing one of the female versions of the same character.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

My hero was my oc named Saetch

Ninetales99 (Talk)

I made a humanoid dragon named Lily.

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

I made Jesus.

ReWilfre (Talk)

I drew an human-like Wilfre... ^^'

The last raposa (Talk)

i used blue knight template and named it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because i was seven and it was the first game i ver played so i just chose the knight template and filled the name box with exlamation marks, now i still alwayes use the same template but the name has much improved x-D

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