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Who was Wilfre?

Who was he before he stole the Book of Life? Was he nice? Rich? How was his childhood? What made him the shadow master we know today? And if TNC (Wii) was canon,how did he meet Circi? Or if they even met at all... What is your personal headcanon?

BenDingo (Talk)

I always imagined he was like a 'cool kid' like a sarcastic, sly and smooth talking 'dudish' character who everyone hung around because he was the most cocky and confident. Shadow represents his sins counting up, he shoplifted Isaacs shop for example.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Hmmm, this is tricky. I will come back and post later once I've got my thoughts together  ; )

The lone shadowbat. (Talk)

Quite hard, we pretty much see nothing about pre-shadow Wilfre, I guess he could've been a skeptical guy, and he may have been a talker, seeing that he's talking to a crowd in the flashback.

Architect-visionary (Talk)

In the first game the mayor said Wilfre was always the center of attention, I think pre-shadow Wilfre was probably well-liked, if proud; it was a surprise to everyone when Wilfre started asking the Mayor about drawing in the Book of Life themselves. When they all rejected his idea, Wilfre got angry and drew in the book himself. The fact that he tore the book up instead of taking it with him, seems like an impulsive decision so he may have only become an Evil Mastermind later on.

I remember in 2009 saying that Wilfre was a traveler, and giving details that aren't mentioned in the games, unfortunately the text is lost to time. In TNC though when Sock consoles Jowee about Mari being missing, it's unexpected and sincere dialogue from Sock, who was previously just acting out a goofy and paranoid persona. That makes me think that he may have actually been talking about Wilfre's life when he said he once traveled the world for the person he loved. (That person being... Circi?)

Touli (Talk)

Wilfre was some evil guy, gotta admit he did kinda ruin everything in the first game....... I think in the ds sequel he was a bad person doing a good thing, it was a good thing because he was saving all the Raposa but he's a bad person because he has no sympathy for Mike and just wants to save himself.


Wilfre's Backstory

When he was a little boy his mother and father died and he was an orphan. Later in life everyone teased him about that, so he became evil. Then when he saw the chance he decided the make the book of life how he wanted it. He failed it. The next time he got the chance he did it! Then Drawn to Life started!


Touli (Talk)

I would say from the games everyone just loved him a lot. I don't know why, though judging from his appearence something tells me his style, wasn't the reason but contribruted to why everyone loved him. I can imagine female Raposa having a crush on him. Also judging from the scene in the first game during flashbacks I can see him being a kind of orator.

If you look at the games the only Raposa who really like the Creator are Jowee Mari the Mayor and Heather. I wouldn't say the others dislike him, they just dont give a toss about The Creator and have no opinion on him.

Though supposing the Raposa may have been slightly mad with The Creator for the same reason some Humans are mad at God (why does he allow suffering etc), maybe Wilfre spoke about how he wanted to overthrow him and everyone admired that? Like how some Athestic people talk about God as evil and people relate to them?

Just soe thoughts :P.

Lila Duter (Talk)

I always thought he was a banker. He wears that suit and tie, he obviously has lots of influence in the town, and he's got da monies, meaning he's got power. I think he'd like something like that. OR maybe he was deputy mayor? Being a politician he'd talk to people a lot and manipulate them.

Crystal Lugia (Talk)

Uhhh... I have been contemplating this for a couple of months now, and I still haven't come up with a concrete answer.  :P  probably because I've given him a little too much character development in my own headcanon etc. ...

A.L.P.H.A The AI (Talk)

Well, I wrote a giant Fanfic for Drawn to Life 3, and though it was a lot darker and more warlike than the two DS games, it gives off this basic idea to Wilfre's backstory.

He was a intellectual young man who was seen as a ingenious philosopher and also a grandiose actor (his stage name was Salem). However, his kindness turned into hubris as he began to rebel against the ideas of the Creator, believing the Raposa to have the right to control themselves and use the Book of Life for their own ends.

The rest, is history.

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