These are all the cheats & codes in Drawn to Life.

Unlock TemplatesEdit

Enter Draw Mode and press the following buttons, while holding down the L button.

	B, B, A, A, X	Unlock Animal Templates
	Y, X, Y, X, A	Unlock Robot Templates
	Y, A, B, A, X	Unlock Sports Templates
	X, Y, B, A, A	Alien Templates

Cheat Codes Edit

Pause the game, then hold L and press these codes to unlock it for the level:

       X, Y, B, A, A    5 Lives (not 5 more lives) 
       A, X, B, B, Y    Invincibility
       Y, X, Y, X, A    Heal all damage
       B, B, A, A, X    30 Ammo (not 30 more ammo)


  • If you use the 5 lives cheat while having over five lives, your lives will go down to 5.
  • When you use the 30 ammo cheat with over 30 ammo, your ammo will go down to 30.
  • When using the invincible cheat, you will be immune to enemy attacks, cold water, and pools of shadow goo. All enemies will die when they touch you. Bosses will not die or get hurt on contact, but they can't hurt you. You must defeat bosses using the normal method. Falling into holes will still cause you to lose a life.
  • The template codes work in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, but must be used inside Creation Hall, NOT while drawing your Hero.
  • The level cheats do not work in Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter.
  • It is impossible to do this in the iPad and iPhone releases.
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