Species Ghost
Variant None
Health HeartSmall SmallHeartSmall SmallHeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin SmallGoldCoin SmallSilverCoin Small
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Ghosts are enemies found in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

They will walk and look around within levels. When The Hero comes near them, they will try to attack and damage them; however, Ghosts will not actively pursue the player under most circumstances. Ghosts are common enemies and can be found in many levels of the game.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Ghosts are pale blue-and-white, flat, humanoid creatures. When defeated, they explode and fragment into many pieces.

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Question TriviaEdit

  • They seem to be able to change their appearances to appear like Raposa.
  • It is not known what the official name of these enemies is, as it is never said in the game.
    • Although, Dr. Cure refers to them as ghosts at one point.
    • If they are indeed spirits, it is unknown what they are the spirits of.
      • However, if this is true, it can be assumed that they were once Raposa, hence their ability to look like Raposa.
      • Although unlikely and unconfirmed, there is a slight possibility that they are the ghosts of the Shadow Walkers that were destroyed in the previous game.
  • Interestingly, Ghosts are very similar to the Shadow Walkers in the first game. (i.e. Both take three hits to kill; both attack the player with their bodies; both seem to be Wilfre's main "minions"; and both explode when defeated.)
  • It is unknown why they become Wilfre's minions in the second game, where they came from or where the Shadow creatures went.

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