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Giant Scribble Monster is created by Circi in a failed attempt to bring back Wilfre. The Artifacts of Power form the Dark Mannequin that Circi tries to draw Wilfre's likeness onto, but keeps messing up, until the Giant Scribble Monster interrupts her.

In the battle that you start fighting the Dark Mannequin on the rooftop of Village Hall as Shadow floods the town. The Mannequin doesn't put up much of a fight and instead avoids you, but the Giant Scribble Monster rises and attacks emerging from the dark ooze submerging the town.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

The Giant Scribble Monster is a giant mess of black scribbles that take the form of a giant blob with eyes and a mouth. During its attacks, it can be seen with two arms extending out from its sides. It can only be seen when it rises above the layer of Shadow that has engulfed Raposa Village.

Attack Axe.png Battle

The battle begins with the Dark Mannequin rising from the shadow, and shortly afterwards, the Crystal Mask detaches from the body and flies around the map. While the mask is floating around, the Giant Scribble Monster will arise from the Shadow and try to attack the Hero by roaring and flailing its arms. To progress the fight, the Hero must attack the head 3 times.

Then, the head flies back to the mannequin and the hero must ground pound the completed mannequin a total of 25 times. However, the mask will periodically detach itself from the mannequin and begin to fly around once more, where it will need to be hit 3 more times. Throughout the battle, Mari can be found on the roof of the Town Hall, and occasionally, she will provide the Hero with a Heart that can fully restore his health.

After the mannequin is defeated, it will slowly rise up into the air as the Shadow dissipates from the village below. It eventually explodes, and the town then throws a celebration.

Question.png Trivia

  • The Giant Scribble Monster itself is never actually fought. Rather, the Hero is fighting the Dark Mannequin.
  • Circi, along with the Giant Scribble Monster, fade away in a cut scene. This could implies the death or combining of Circi and the monster.
  • Before the fight begins and while the mask is detached, the mannequin acts similarly to a gorilla, as it leans its weight on its arms and looks from side to side.
  • The Dark Mannequin is called "scribble_boss_fetish" in the game's files.
  • When the player collects the Branches from the Tree of Ages, there are only two. However, the Dark Mannequin is made up of 6 branches in total.

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